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Join the crew of our sailing yachts, Argo and Vela, for the 50 day summer semester sailing through the Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic and ending in Europe and the Mediterranean.
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Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Gap Year

Program Overview

Program Description:

4,500 Nautical Miles via Caribbean, Azores, Gibraltar, Spain

We've been crossing oceans aboard our 112-ft modern schooners since 2006, but this trip is your opportunity to do something truly remarkable and sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

It all starts in June when we depart from the British Virgin Islands bound for the very beautiful French Riviera via the Azores, Gibraltar, and Spain. By necessity, this 50-day program will substitute shore time for sea miles as we'll be covering 4,500 plus miles over the course of the trip. Voyage emphasis? Bluewater sailing, and lots of it! Crewing a yacht on a transatlantic voyage is not something many can say they have achieved, yet members of our crew will also earn 3 college credits in Nautical Science and visit Caribbean, Portuguese, British, Spanish and French ports along the way. As a team, your sense of accomplishment will be profound, and as an individual, the experience will set you apart. The skills you'll develop and the challenges you'll overcome are uncommon. Not only a perfect subject for any job interview, but this voyage is also likely to contribute long after you have departed the vessel. After all, we are the sum of our experiences and this one will be indexing.

Setting Description:
This voyage is typically run aboard either S/Y Argo or S/Y Vela. Argo and Vela are expertly designed 112-ft two-masted staysail schooners with room for 26 students and 7 staff. Argo was completed in 2006, and her sister, Vela in 2020. Both Argo and Vela were designed and built to circumnavigate the world. This means that every 90-day trip she embarks upon, a fresh batch of students faces the challenge of spending many days or weeks at sea while crossing one of the world’s oceans. For those looking for a genuine blue water experience, then voyages run aboard these vessels are perfect for you. When we designed the vessels, we did so with safety, dependability and ‘trainability’ in mind. We often refer to them as a “Big, Little Boats” meaning that we designed their systems in such a way that they are easy for students to understand and operate. Since our goal is to have students quickly reach the point where they are running the vessel, trainability is an important factor.
Voyage costs vary by trip duration and location, please visit our website for detailed tuition information.

Additional Program Information

No previous experience necessary is necessary to join any of our programs, yet all students are required to have reached the age of matriculation from high school, be on a gap year or enrolled in / recently graduated from college.
Scholarships Description:
Please visit the Scholarship and Financial Aid page on our website for detailed information. This is located under the Admissions section.