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Discover the Caribbean as most never will. Dive among her celebrated reefs, hike along her ancient volcanoes, and sail on her aquamarine waters during this 20-day adventure.

Road Town, Virgin Island (British); Caribbean, Caribbean; Multi-Country Programs, Multi-Country Programs; Programs at Sea, Programs at Sea; Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda
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Explore above her surface and find lush islands, ancient volcanoes, and white sand beaches. Sail on her legendary blue-green waves and take in jade mountains against iridescent sunrises and sunsets. Each of the 25 islands within the Leeward Islands offers a distinct cultural and geographic backdrop, so you’ll sail throughout the island chain–visiting Saba, St. Eustatius, Nevis, Antigua, St. Barts and the British Virgin Islands. Along the way, you’ll also score 3 credit hours in basic seamanship, but who’s counting?


Seamester is designed to create endless teachable moments, ones that can happen at any hour. We design our programs to provide engaging learning experiences that involve the whole person and have real outcomes in ways that are impossible to replicate in a traditional classroom. What is a teachable moment? For us, it's learning the oceanographic processes responsible for the trade winds while sailing 360 nautical miles using nothing but their energy. It's coming on deck in the morning to find a small squid that has misjudged its leap out the water, then holding a dissection class to discover the pen and ink inside. It's being hit in the face with a flying fish on bow watch, then examining its pectoral fins. It's learning in class about coral reefs, mangroves, sea grasses and invertebrates, then scuba diving to set quadrats and a transect line to conduct a survey. Living as part of a close-knit team means that some of the most important lessons are learned beyond the academics; lessons in personal responsibility, teamwork and hard work that are in every way just as important as what is learned in class. Our instructors and staff are cognizant of that and they are just as passionate about imparting those lessons. They take their responsibilities as role models and mentors as seriously as they take the subjects they teach. Seamester is designed to challenge students to realize that, in many ways, it is the journey that matters most, not the destination.

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Ocean Star is a classic two-masted schooner that ably accommodates 16 student crew and four professional staff, Ocean Star was launched in 1991 and extensively refitted in 1999. Maintained to meet the highest standards of safety, the 88-foot schooner, like its sister ship, is inspected and certified by the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Nearly 400 student sailors have had the good fortune to live, study and sail the Caribbean Archipelago since Ocean Star first set sail under the Sea|mester flag.
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