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First and foremost, expect to be completely, 100% immersed in Spanish. In fact, no English will be allowed (except of course in emergency situations). In order to qualify for this retreat we ask that people have a basic intermediate level of Spanish w
Lima, Peru
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Intensive Language
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1-3 months

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Sacred Retreats Peru is committed to bringing unique experiences to travellers and this retreat in Lima is no exception. It is not just a typical yoga retreat. It is also a true immersion experience into the language and culture of Peru. It is very difficult as a native English speaker to truly be immersed in a foreign language. So many people around the world either speak English well or they really want to practice. That´s all great except it leaves you, the native English speaker, without your own practice of a new tongue. So for this immersion retreat we will be taking Spanish classes in the morning before the day´s activities. We want to make sure we´ve got a solid foundation so that our speaking skills in Spanish are top-notch. But Spanish just doesn´t exist in the classroom. We will be practicing our language skills all day, every day of the retreat and incorporating them into our everyday lives. We will even be taking our daily yoga classes in Spanish! Plus, this retreat isn´t just focused on language immersion. It is also focused on cultural immersion. Peru is a very sacred country with a rich history. We will dive right into the middle of Peruvian culture, experiencing the food, the music, the dance, and the ceremonial customs as well as the language. It´s going to be a quite an epic trip! We are looking forward to a fun-filled, learning-filled week in Lima in July!

First and foremost, expect to be completely, 100% immersed in Spanish. In fact, no English will be allowed (except of course in emergency situations). In order to qualify for this retreat we ask that people have a basic intermediate level of Spanish when they sign up. The total immersion experience might be a bit too overwhelming for someone who has never had Spanish before. If you have any doubts or questions about your level of Spanish or if you want some extra practice before the retreat, please contact us at Sacred Retreats Peru. We will get you in touch with Santiago, our Spanish teacher and grammar master. He will be able to guide you about whether or not this retreat is a good step for your Spanish language path. Our trip will begin in Lima on the 11th of July. It will end a week later on the 18th of July. During our retreat we will be staying at La Casa Roja. It´s a big, beautiful red house in the middle of a Lima district called Miraflores. Miraflores is right on the pacific coast and is a beautiful and green part of our lovely desert city Lima. Did you know that Lima is the 2nd most populated desert city after Cairo??!! Don´t worry, it doesn´t actually feel like a desert, especially in humid Miraflores. Most mornings we will wake up a bit early for breakfast at La Casa Roja. After that we will have a 2 hour Spanish class with Santiago. Don´t worry, he makes it super fun! 2 hours will go by very quickly and you´ll speak so much better after having a solid foundation of grammar and lexicon. After Spanish class, we will head over to the Casa Ninfa for our morning yoga class with Omar. Omar is planning a variety of yoga asana classes, some a little more active and some a little more restorative. All yoga levels will be accommodated for. After yoga class, we will head back to the Casa Roja for lunch and then get ready for the afternoon´s activities. Every afternoon will look a bit different. We may be taking a dance class or volunteering with Fundación Yoga Peru. We may taking a tour of Lima or going to a storytelling event or kirtan. It´s going to be a pretty unique trip! At night we´ll have several fun activities planned after dinner and then we´ll be in bed pretty earily since our days are so full. We´ll need the rest! Don´t forget the July in Lima is winter and even though it doesn´t get too cold there, it will be wise to layer and bring some warm sweaters. We´ll have more detailed trip information for you once you sign up! All in all, it´s going to be a full week and a very authentic dive right into the middle of Peruvian culture.

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Lima is a truly incredible city. Most tourists just pass it by on their way to the jungle or the Andes. However, this special retreat will give us a glimpse into Peru´s vibrant and sacred capital.
The Yoga and Spanish Immersion will cost $1795 USD per person as an all-inclusive trip. This price is based on shared accommodations. The only thing NOT included in our package is the international flight and traveller´s insurance. INCLUDED IN OUR PRICE OF 1795 USD: • Daily 2 hour Spanish classes with Santiago, our Spanish professor • Daily 1.5 hour yoga asana class (in Spanish of course) with Omar • A day trip to CARAL, the oldest center of civilization in the Americas with Jose • Volunt

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