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Clinical laboratory scientists recently changed their professional name/national certification to Medical Laboratory Scientists.
Chicago, United States
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Full Degree
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Clinical Laboratory Science

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Clinical laboratory scientists recently changed their professional name and national certification to Medical Laboratory Scientists.  Medical Laboratory Scientists were originally certified as medical technologists starting in 1928.  Medical Laboratory Scientists are highly educated health care professionals who perform hundreds of different types of laboratory tests on blood, body fluids and tissue that are critical to the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of disease.  Since Medical Laboratory Scientists generate as much as 70 percent of the data found in a patient's medical record, they are, without a doubt, critical members of the health care team.  These professionals use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation, microscopes, computers and advanced molecular diagnostic procedures in their analysis of patient specimens. They work in a variety of laboratory settings, including hospitals and clinics, research facilities, public health agencies, clinical laboratory-related industries and forensics laboratories.

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