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This is a two-year degree with 48 course and research hours.
Chicago, United States
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Full Degree
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Cell & Molecular Biology

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Master's Program Guidelines

The master's degree program in anatomical sciences, authorized in the Graduate Division of Anatomy by the State Board of Higher Education in 1985 was originally created as both a freestanding degree and as an optional pathway for medical students.

This is a two-year degree with 48 course and research hours. It is a laboratory-based research degree established primarily for students who may be at transitional stages of their education, not as a terminal master's degree for students leaving the doctoral program. The degree requires development and completion of a laboratory research project to include a formal proposal and a defense before a thesis committee. Production of an acceptable research thesis is the major final requirement for the degree and provides the principal measure of quality of a student's work.

MD/MS Program Guidelines

For the medical student, this is an attractive option to explore interests in research and teaching. The student has an opportunity to play a primary role in a research project and to improve skills in presentation, proposal development, scientific writing, experimental design, and statistics. The concurrent MD/MS pathway can be completed by most medical students with one additional year for laboratory research. Some students who begin work during the summer after the M1 year may be able to complete both degrees within a four year time frame.

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