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This course will train students to become highly skilled prop makers for theatre, television and film utilising a range of materials and equipment to achieve projects.
London, United Kingdom
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Performing Arts

Program Overview

Program Description:

Prop Making reaches into all areas of the entertainment industry – theatre, film, television, window display, model animation, community arts, museum installation and replication work. The Prop Maker will work with designers and directors to produce what is required for each individual outcome. It is rare to make the same thing twice and, as such, the Prop Maker has to be ingenious, quick-thinking, explorative, dexterous, enjoy problem solving and have a love of materials and all things three-dimensional. The work can range from small, intricate, hand-held reproduction props, to largescale, articulated structures, but will always require excellent artistic and creative skills. Working independently or as part of a team, accurately and to deadlines, the Prop Maker will cover the broadest ranges of materials and techniques. You will gain experience and a high level of technical competence, working with a wide range of prop making materials and techniques in Central’s first-class facilities, including sculpting skills, casting techniques, welding, polystyrene carving, vacuum forming, carpentry, life casting, paint finishing and texturing. You will develop skills in research, analysis, collaboration and design interpretation, as well as strong technical drawing skills and an understanding of colour theories and working to scale. You will also cultivate a broad understanding of period styles and aesthetics. Central’s Prop Makers develop into highly technically skilled, creatively inventive, collaborative and informed individuals, able to contribute effectively and professionally to any production and its team. You will be offered a range of opportunities to develop excellent and comprehensive prop making skills as part of a prop making team, including on public productions at Central, working closely with students of other theatre disciplines in order to develop an overall understanding of performance and theatre production. You will also undertake placements in the industry to develop a full CV and further extend your skills. In the final year you will participate in an exhibition to present a portfolio of best work, to which industry professionals are invited to attend.

Scholarships Description:
There are a wide range of scholarships and bursaries available to both prospective and current students, for more information please visit the schools website.