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Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization Courses, Brasov, Romania 17th edition, July 5th – 30th 2011 Learn Romanian in Romania! The Romanian Cultural Institute organizes Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization Courses in the 12th century citadel of Brasov. A. Intensive Romanian language courses (60 hours) The Romanian language courses are taught according to a flexible syllabus, adapted to the students’ requests and needs. In order to develop the fluency of expression and to strengthen the already learned grammar structures, the vocabulary and grammar exercises alternate with individual and group communication activities. The reader includes texts about everyday life, as well as literary texts, press articles, songs, etc; audio-visual teaching materials are also used. The instructors selected for teaching the Romanian classes are chosen primarily for their professional skills, but also for their friendly attitude, enthusiasm and patience. Participants are enrolled in several study groups, based on an initial language test that evaluates the students’ level of linguistic competence, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Each group is formed of 8-12 students. The beginners’ level aims to obtain simple comprehension skills, as well as to communicate in familiar situations. The intermediate level develops the comprehension abilities of more complex texts, as well as the ones of coherent written and oral expression, on various topics. The advanced level – students will improve their skills of understanding long and complex texts, appreciating distinctions of style as well as their communication skills by using nuanced expressions. Certificate of Attendance: At the end of the programme, students will give a written and oral test. As a result, the Faculty of Letters of Transylvania University – Brasov will award the participants with certificates of language proficiency, whereas the Romanian Cultural Institute shall release a certificate that evaluates the level of Romanian language knowledge. B. Courses in Romanian culture and civilization (twice a week) The Romanian Cultural Institute invites university professors and researchers, personalities of the Bucharest and Brasov public space for giving lectures that cover history, cinema, politics, journalism. The talks are given in English and in Romanian. C. Creative Workshops (twice a week) 1. 19th century Ball dancing 2. Journalism and publicity 3. Gastronomy 4. Handicrafts – clay modeling, decoration skills The ball dancing workshop will be coordinated by Nermina Damian, chief of professional ballet dancers from Brasov Opera, and aims in familiarizing the students with the “Romana” dance, a column-dance, highly fashionable in the Romanian families from the 19th century. During the Journalism and publicity workshop, participants enter the “ inner world” of the editorial office of “Gazeta Transilvaniei” (The Transylvanian Gazette) and learn about the history of publicity in the 19th century, while they also edit together a newspaper. The workshop on gastronomy will present the world in a “cookbook”. The participants will learn about the first Romanian cookbooks and how to prepare Romanian traditional food. The handicrafts workshop takes place in the studios of the coordinating artists, where the students learn clay modeling and ceramics painting. D. Film screenings Participants will attend Romanian film screenings once a week. The productions are signed by renowned new-wave Romanian film directors, recipients of important awards at great European film festivals or films, as well as classic films. E. Cultural and sightseeing program Fieldtrips will be organized during weekends in the Old City of Brasov, Sibiu, the fortified Saxon fortresses around Brasov and Sibiu (Prejmer, Viscri), the Bran castle, the Peles Complex in Sinaia (Peles, Pelisor), the George Enescu Memorial House in Sinaia and a traditional village. These site visits benefit from the informed comments of young historians, sociologists, and art historians, specialized in researching the region, its history, traditions and the rich socio-cultural and ethnographic milieu existing in this area of Romania. F. International evening An international evening will be organized for the participants who are asked to present the specific customs, foods and drinks, objects and other things relevant for the countries they come from, event followed by a party. Costs Participation fee: 1.000 EUROs The participation fee covers all the expenses related to the activities included in the program. The costs for hotel accommodations and meals will be covered by the Romanian Cultural Institute. The deadline for applications is May 30th, 2011

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