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2013 SUMMER SCHOOL COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT Inside the Russian Province: Perm Region’s Cultural Past and Present (June 24 - July 14, 2013) Target Audience. This interdisciplinary, introductory level summer course is designed for students of any age intereste
Perm', Russia
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Office address: Perm State University, 15 Bukirev Street, 614990, Perm, Russia

2013 SUMMER SCHOOL COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT Inside the Russian Province: Perm Region’s Cultural Past and Present (June 24 - July 14, 2013) Target Audience. This interdisciplinary, introductory level summer course is designed for students of any age interested in developing a greater understanding of the cultural life and history of Russia’s Perm Region. The focus of the course will be on intercultural exchange and an exploration of the people and places of this Western Urals province. A minor background in the humanities and/or socio-cultural studies is recommended. Language of Communication: English. Course Description. The course will consist of academic talks and practical sightseeing activities. The overall focus will be on the notion of “the province” versus “the metropolis” as a country’s “cultural centre”. Although it is often assumed that a nation’s largest cities are the keys to understanding its cultural heritage, this course is designed to highlight the province as uniquely reflective of cultural life. Using Perm as a working example of this reconsideration, the course will seek to uncover how the Russian province has conveyed and preserved its own traditions and values, creating a distinctly regional cultural “text”. In developing an understanding of the multinational and multicultural history of the area of the Western Urals, students will explore how various cultural phenomena form the world of today’s Russian province, which only some ten years ago was restricted from foreign access for political reasons. The program will cover the social and cultural life of the Perm Region from the 19th century through to the present day, emphasizing writers and other prominent cultural figures who lived and/or worked in the area. Among them are Boris Pasternak, who used Perm as a prototype of the fictional town Yuryatin in his novel Doctor Zhivago, and Peter Tchaikovsky, whose house (now a museum) is located in the region. The course will stress the important role of the Dyagilev family in the history of Perm’s cultural life and will consider the present tradition of “International Dyagilev Seasons Festivals” in the city of Perm. It will also address cultural anthropology, tracing the impact of the early inhabitants of Perm’s Kama River basin on area development. Throughout the course students will also be able to learn more about ancient artisan and merchant towns of the Western Urals such as Kungur, Solikamsk, and Cherdyn, as well as view related artifacts (including Stroganov’s “school icons,” and Perm Wooden Gods, examples of ancient Perm’s “animal style” decorations) housed in the Perm State Arts Gallery and other regional museums. In addition, students will be given an opportunity to “dive into” the world of the Russian language by attending conversational Russian classes of any level, from beginner to advanced, taught by instructors experienced in the tuition of international students. The courses are held in Russian and are designed to teach through immersion. Places of Interest. Inside the Russian Province provides a fascinating opportunity to visit a city in the Ural Mountains, located on the border between European and Asian Russia, at the edge of Siberia. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy Perm’s magnificent countryside when visiting Khokhlovka, an outdoor ethnographic museum designed as a replica of an ancient village. Students may also attend services at local Russian Orthodox churches and regional monasteries, such as “The White Mountain Monastery” (also known as the Urals Aphon) pictured to the right. Students may also take part in a weekend canoe trip and picnic lunch at the foot of Yermak Mountain in the Urals, as well as travel to the old Russian merchant town Kungur to visit its unique ice-caves and acquire local souvenirs made of semi-precious Urals stones. Other possible activities include boat trips along the Kama River, experiencing Northern Russia’s famous summer “White Nights,” and exploring Perm’s restaurants, clubs, and other nightlife. Application Requirements. Applications are to be submitted before 15 May, 2013 to the University of Perm International Relations Department. To apply, please send a letter of interest (along with all questions concerning the program and arrangements) addressed to the Academic Mobility Centre at Perm State University. Program Fee – 570 USD. All program expenses are covered by individual students (no financial aid available through the University). Note: This amount does not include visa formalities, countryside touring transportation, museum entrance charges, and other miscellaneous fees relating to individual events and excursions. Accommodations Cost – 30 USD a week when staying in single rooms at the University dormitory and 100 USD a week when staying with a host family (fee includes both room and breakfast). Accommodation at a city hotel may also be arranged per individual request. University Dorms University