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A competitive international Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research offered in English in Paris by internationally renowned Professors from Europe.
Paris, France
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Full Degree
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Public Health

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Clinical research has generated tremendous knowledge on diagnosis and treatment. However, it does not provide sufficient information to determine what treatment works best, for whom, and under which conditions. Comparative Effectiveness Research addresses these issues by identifying the most effective interventions for specific patient groups. It is a growing area of cutting-edge research that is elevated to the level of national initiative in the USA.

Indeed, comparative effectiveness research can fill evidence gaps created by missing or incomplete evidence. It has clearly become a major field aimed at helping clinical decision-makingsupporting evidence-based medicine and improving the healthcare system.

Our programme tackles several topics, including:

  • Innovative designs in randomized controlled trials
  • Causality in observational studies
  • Diagnostic tests, biomarkers and screening
  • Stratified or precision medicine
  • Big data & routinely collected data
  • Meta-analysis of randomized trials
  • Meta-analysis of diagnostic studies
  • Network meta-analysis
  • Evidence synthesis


This new Master of Science is delivered in English and aims at international students who want to acquire interdisciplinary skills to evolve in the field of Comparative Effectiveness Research. The programme is limited to 30 students, a small group size that will allow professors to use highly interactive and innovative teaching methods including work in small groups. The goal of the programme is to acquire strong skills in methods, epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, biostatistics and public health.


The Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research is a second-year course that is a part of a two-year Master in Public Health programme (60 ECTS). This Master’s programme comprises 10 modules, which are delivered through a range of interactive learning strategies. The programme includes the latest methods and advances in the field of CER, epidemiology and biostatistics. Courses will include applied, hands-on sessions allowing the use of various epidemiological methods, statistical methods, and analysis of various types of data.

Classes are full-time and take place from October to December. Each week is dedicated to one module that is delivered by two outstanding international lecturers.


Upon the completion of formalised courses and after the validation exams in January, students will have to complete a five-month internship. The internship can take place in France or abroad, in public health agencies and companies, in research laboratories, etc. and is supervised by a senior researcher.

In addition to the international teaching setting, students will also benefit from the vast professional and academic network maintained by the French and international faculty members.

Internships will strengthen the connection and pooling  of research discoveries between the academic and non-academic partners, encourage the acquisition of the transferable skills needed to succeed in a 21-century research setting and ensure a smooth transition to the professional world.

The awarding of the Master’s degree will depend on successful completion of the formalised courses, the internship and the thesis defence.

Career prospects

The following career paths could be pursued after the completion of the current Master’s programme: continuation into a PhD degree, joining research agencies (R&D), NGOs, think-tanks, government or international agencies working on health issues, and many other professional opportunities.

Setting Description:
Located in the heart of Paris, students of the Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research will have class at Reid Hall, the French Columbia Global Center.
256 EUR. Annual tuition rates at French public institutions are set. The rate for master’s programmes in 2016/2017 was €256. Please note that this amount does not include accommodation fees, monthly living expenses, educational materials, health insurance, travel expenses and visa fees.

Additional Program Information

Financial Aid:
Minimum requirements: 1. The Master of Public Health is a year 2-level programme, which means that you are eligible if you hold a Master's degree or a first year Master's degree in related fields such as epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, mathematics. You are also eligible if you have completed a 4-year Bachelor in related fields such as epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, mathematics. 2. Proficiency in English language

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