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TRIP HIGHLIGHTS: - Optional credit program or non-credit program - 8 day expedition onboard the MV Adventure - Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, wildlife encounters, wildlife conservation projects, astronomy, cultural interaction, Baja Gifts Program
La Paz, Mexico
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Study Abroad
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High School
Academic Year, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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With over 30 years of experience in the educational travel industry our school program “Young Naturalist Expeditions” has been designed to foster cultural interaction and to enhance the natural sciences taught in the classroom with hands-on experience in the field. Imagine students experiencing some of the rarest and most beautiful marine life on Earth while studying the natural history of a marine environment. It’s an amazing way to make the science textbooks come alive!

The cultural component of the Young Naturalists Expeditions recognizes that when people of different cultures connect, there comes an unspoken understanding of our shared humanity. With this said, students will have the opportunity to meet members of remote communities. These communities often live without electricity, with the exception of the odd solar panel or two, and minimal freshwater obtained from wells. Their lives are filled with simplicity and contentment, something we rarely experience in our own lives. But we do share a commonality; family, faith and growth.

In the educational component we have designed into our expeditions two curricular options:

1. The Panterra Expedition Workbook which puts the students to work (prior to and during the trip) exploring, discovering, identifying, recording and researching the marine organisms and environments encountered. High School students can receive credits for completion of the workbook.

2. The Panterra Expedition Logbook which allows students to record their encounters and experiences. It is solely experiential. 

Either option is a great way for students to explore career interests in the many fields of natural sciences. The expeditions offer an experience of a lifetime encompassing life skills, education and culture.

While living onboard our 110’ ship, The “MV Adventure”, anticipate encounters with whales, dolphins, sea lions, seabirds and an amazing diversity of undersea life. Explore the geology, flora and fauna of the desert islands. Assist in one of two wildlife conservation programs; a sea turtle release/monitor program or whale shark research; all of these activities are designed to make the science textbooks come alive.


Setting Description:
The Baja Peninsula was formed approx. five million years ago when part of the earth's crust separated along the San Andreas Fault drifting in a northwesterly direction away from mainland Mexico.After colliding with southern California, an ocean basin was formed. This basin is known today as the Gulf of California or more commonly referred to as the Sea of Cortez. Left in the wake of the collision was an explosion of natural geological wonders; a group of desert islands. The area has remained uninhabited, spellbinding and timeless. This amazing Galapagos type setting plays host to some of the rarest and most beautiful marine life encounters possible and offers an amazing environment for snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking. It is a natural fit for a marine education expedition offering incredible hands-on learning. A spectacular outdoor classroom! On July 15, 2005 the islands of the Sea of Cortez were declared a world Heritage Site.
2295.00 USD. Air and travel insurance not included

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Open to high school group bookings (year round) or individual students on designated dates. Individual students must receive a letter of recommendation from their science teacher.

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