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During the four weeks you will get to experience trekking through multiple National Parks, walking through clouds in the world-renowned cloud forest, volunteering in wildlife refuges and witnessing bioluminescence in Curu National Park.
San Jose, Costa Rica
Program Type:
Volunteer Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Animals, Environment
3-4 weeks

Program Overview

Program Description:

Navigate through rainforests and marine reserves on a journey of biodiversity, adventure and insight in Costa Rica!

This summer program offers an enriching and inspiring experience in Costa Rica. During the four weeks, you will trek through multiple National Parks, walk through clouds in the world-renowned cloud forest, and witness bioluminescence in Curu National Park. Jump right out of your comfort zone with a rafting trip and get involved with a volunteer project at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center where you will get to provide service for those animals who are impacted by the illegal animal trade. After a week of hard work and animal snuggles, head over to Jaco beach where you will get to try your hand at surfing. Sink your toes into the sand for a few days with a reflective yoga retreat on the sleepy pacific coast and then wind your way over to the mysteriously misty hill town of Montverde. 

Experience a summer program where you will not only explore Costa Rica, but you will expand yourself personally. The nature-based activities will have you challenging new heights, pushing through humidity amongst the clouds, feeling the rainforest watching you and seeing new wildlife. With our volunteer projects you learn about the impacts that you can make for other living creatures first-hand. Finally, learn a new skill by riding the surf of the ocean!

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