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Explore the roots of identity and conflict in former Soviet states while improving your Russian or Ukrainian.
Kiev, Ukraine; Odessa, Ukraine; Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of; Tbilisi, Georgia (Country); Yerevan, Armenia
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Study Abroad
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Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

This 15-week programme explores identity and various types of conflict within the former Soviet territories, augmented by Russian or Ukrainian language study. Case studies will focus on the historical and ongoing disputes in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.         

Throughout the course, we’ll study the links between identity, conflicts, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention. Additionally, we’ll explore the connection between these conflicts, international terrorism, the future of conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy, and the processes of integration and disintegration in the Post-Soviet Space. Students are encouraged to apply their new language skills and conflict studies knowledge to part-time internships.     

Course Composition

All students will complete the required 8 credits of conflict studies and sociology coursework. To guarantee that our students are getting the most from their experience, however, participants can decide if, how, and when to complete their language studies and internship. Students may opt for a more in-depth study of language, foregoing the internship or decide to dedicate more time to their work while minimising the language study.

Course Itinerary

The main part of the programme—11 weeks—is spent in Kiev, Ukraine. After the foundational coursework in Ukraine, students will join our Identity and Conflict Lecture Tour to Moldova (1 week), Armenia (1 week), and Georgia (2 weeks).

Guest Lectures

Our guest lecturers are specialists in topics within history, political science, journalism, and social anthropology. By discussing wide-ranging concerns, like the peculiarities of local mentality as well as the social aspects and use of propaganda in mass media, participants will have complete picture of regional conflict issues.   

Faculty-Led Tours

The month-long tour features lectures from experts in post-Soviet sociology, conflict studies, and culture. Our trip aims to provide context for each talk by visiting relevant historical and educational sites throughout Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

During the faculty-led tour, we’ll also meet representatives of ethnic minorities to learn about problems they face in our globalised world and how they manage to maintain their identities.   


We offer excellent opportunities to work in Ukrainian NGOs, civic organisations and companies where you not only learn the language, you live it. Internships provide our students with a unique opportunity to utilise their new knowledge and practise their language skills in a professional environment. Internships encourage interaction with locals and development of specific skills related to student learning interests.

Setting Description:
The course is based in Kiev, Ukraine and includes a week-long tour in Odessa and Moldova as well as the Identity and Conflict Faculty-Led Tour through Georgia and Armenia.

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