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NYU Shanghai offers courses taught in English in a variety of subject areas as well as courses taught in English and Chinese at NYU’s affiliated institution, East China Normal University (ECNU).

Shanghai, China
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

Already a great cosmopolitan city, Shanghai also possesses the entrepreneurial energy that distinguishes it as a world idea center. Because of this distinction, NYU Shanghai has joined New York University’s main campus in New York City and NYU Abu Dhabi to become a four year degree-granting campus. It has attracted an international student body, with half coming from China, and it is open to visiting students during the fall and spring semesters, an accelerated Summer Session, and a January Term.

The brand-new NYU Shanghai campus is located on Century Avenue in Pudong, the heart of a thriving economic zone and Shanghai’s commercial center. Located in a 15-story building, NYU Shanghai is generously equipped with classrooms and includes an expansive library, a 300-seat auditorium, a 150-person colloquium space, dance studios, music practice rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, and a fitness center. The NYU staff introduce Chinese culture through lessons in cooking, painting, calligraphy, martial arts, and playing the erhu, a two-stringed, bowed musical instrument used to play traditional Chinese music.

All students live in newly constructed NYU housing located in the iconic Pudong district. Students occupy single, double, or triple rooms, and amenities on each floor include a shared kitchen and washer/dryer units. The residence halls are located 30 minutes away from campus by university-provided shuttles. Students live in close proximity to the Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza and a host of shopping and dining options. NYU Shanghai residential life staff are there to provide support and guidance. When students arrive, an orientation during their first few days acquaints them with the city and its culture. NYU staff provide students with a thorough introduction to all aspects of the academic curriculum and life in China. Students try local cuisine, learn how to adopt Chinese customs, and begin to navigate the city’s extensive transportation network, which includes 14 metro lines and over 1,000 bus lines.

A number of day trips are offered that introduce students to a few of the local wonders in Shanghai, such as the Maglev high-speed train, the 400-year- old Yùyúan Garden, and the City God Temple, where Taoist religious festivals are held. On-site staff plan cultural activities, like cooking lessons, visits to the homes of some of the city’s Old Town residents, and Chinese acrobatic shows.

Setting Description:
Shanghai is an energetic metropolis where sleek modernity overlaps ancient heritage. While at NYU Shanghai, students experience firsthand a Communist country while living in a city that is taking on the 21st century at breakneck speed. Students live in residence halls on campus or in shared apartments near Zhongshan Park. Internships in advertising, education, event planning, investing, publishing, and broadcasting are also available.
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Scholarships Description:
Students can transfer their federal financial aid from their home institution to help pay for their tuition at NYU Shanghai. Visit the financial aid office at your home school to learn more about consortium agreements.