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In addition to meeting on campus in New York, students will participate in a two-week travel program in India that will provide an in-depth case study of its higher education system.
Mumbai, India
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Study Abroad
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Winter Semester

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Location: New York City and Mumbai, Trivandrum, and Delhi, India.

Dates in New York: To Be Determined

Dates in India: January 11 - 23, 2020

Explore India's higher education system as a case study. Visits will include lectures from scholars and visits to Indian colleges and universities to meet with faculty, administrators and students. Additional sessions will be held with scholars and local experts on higher education in India to explore current issues and government priorities. Campus visits will include public colleges, state universities, "central" universities, and private and religiously affiliated institutions; elite technical and management institutes. Topics will include curricular opportunities; college admissions requirements; distribution of students by class and ethnicity; college climate and student services.




Setting Description:
Mumbai is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra and the most populous city in India with a melting pot of individuals from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. This cosmopolitan city is the commercial, cultural and entertainment capital of India as well as home to huge slums and immense poverty. The state of Kerala in the southwest maintains a unique political dynamic with strong community involvement and emphasis on educational standards with extremely high literacy rates as well as diverse higher educational options including state, federal and private institutions.
2020 Graduate Tuition: $1,795 per point plus registration and services fees 2020 Housing and Activity Fees: $1400

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Students can transfer their federal financial aid from their home institution to help pay for their tuition at NYU Shanghai. Visit the financial aid office at your home school to learn more about consortium agreements.

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