Montpellier, France
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Full Degree
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Agricultural Science & Agronomy

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The AGRIS MUNDUS Masters Course is a product of NATURA, the network of European universities with a tropical and subtropical orientation in agriculture. Since 1988, NATURA has collaborated closely with institutions in Asia, Africa and the Americas in providing post-graduate education and training opportunities. It focuses on improving the management of rural and agricultural development for disadvantaged populations. The approach utilised stresses the mobility of people throughout the network, allowing different disciplines to exchange experiences and reinforcing a common high-quality standard in education and training. This specific course provides its students with the skills and understanding to deal with current global and international concerns in agriculture and rural development. Graduates will be qualified to identify and critically analyse key factors shaping the development of crop and animal production, the management of rural development projects and, finally, the sustainable use of natural resources. They will be trained to formulate and provide effective and appropriate responses to complex agricultural and environmental issues. Students can specialise in one of six fields: agricultural systems research & development, horticultural crops management, livestock production & systems, land and water management, food, nutrition &health, or rural local development. The mobility track of this programme involves a year’s study in one university followed by a year in a second institution in a different country. There are 11 possible combinations for the student to choose from. The fourth semester of the Course is devoted to thesis work, with double supervision. The staff/student ratio is approximately one professor to every two students. The language of study will be English, Spanish, Italian, French or a combination of these, depending on the track the student chooses. Students will be awarded two nationally-recognised Masters degrees from the two hosting universities, together with a specific NATURA Masters certificate in Sustainable Development in Agriculture. They will also receive a joint Diploma Supplement which outlines the nature, level, content and status of their studies, the study courses attended and the professional training acquired. Applicants require a BSc with distinction in a field related to agricultural development or, alternatively, a BA in Social Sciences (or equivalent) with some background in agricultural sciences or rural development, from a high-quality institution. Applicants will need to provide evidence they possess sufficient language ability in the relevant European languages, along with a letter of motivation. Preference will be given to candidates with appropriate professional experience, who have been recommended by an academic or a professional body.

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