Program Details

Learn more about tropical ecology, bird biology and conservation! Gain hands-on experience and practical research skills!
Chinchina, Colombia
Program Type:
Volunteer Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Animals, Social Services
1-2 weeks

Program Overview

Program Description:

Colombia has 1889 species of birds! 20% of the world’s birds!  Plus 197 migratory birds from North America call Colombia their winter home! Learn more about tropical ecology, bird biology and conservation!  Gain hands-on experience and practical research skills!  Participate in campaigns on a variety of environmental issues; to assist in the provision of a comprehensive Environmental Health Service which will focus on the local environment through a combination of advice and education.

  • Participate in the long-term monitoring of the bird communities in the nature reserve and its surroundings.
  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge in tropical bird biology
  • Participate in all daily work related with the conservation of the nature reserve
  • Discover what practical conservation work looks like
  • Clean and care for the bird feeding stations
  • Formulate ideas that lead to the conservation of local & migratory species
  • Document the phenomena related to birds, fish, reptiles and other species 
  • Educate the public and local volunteers on issues related to the species at bird sanctuary 
  • Maintain record of observations on the park
  • Accompany team to local conservation workshops

Additional Program Information

Scholarships Description:
Discount based financial circumstances and need & match within the community for volunteer's existing skills.