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During In this community health rotation you will experience how Colombian health professionals from different specialized fields & their patients view community health in a unique tropical setting across a wide spectrum of social-economic circumstances.
Chinchina, Colombia; Manizales, Colombia
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round
Work Types:
Education, Medical, Nursing, Psychology, Sciences & Environment, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:

Community health is a major field of study within the medical and clinical sciences which focuses on the maintenance, protection, and improvement of the health status of population groups and communities as opposed to the health of individual patients. During In this rotation you will experience how Colombian health professionals from different specialized fields view Colombian community health.  You may initially choose up to 5 different work sites in which to volunteer during the first week, then you may drop down to 1-3 sites to focus your experience:

  • Global Health Team - Bilingual Assistant
  • Traditional Medicine Shop
  • Retirement Home / Hospice
  • Public Health Home Visits
  • CNA Tech School
  • Regional Hospital
  • Rural Medical Clinic
  • Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Special Needs Children
  • Sex Workers Childcare Center
  • Nutrition Program
  • Dental Clinic
  • Pharmacy & Health Store

Participant Requirements:

Educational Background:

Undergraduate & Professionals in any of the following fields: Medicine, Pre-Med, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dental, Public Health, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Education, and/or Health Management

Spanish Language Skills: (None) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (Fluent)

Potential projects and day-to-day duties:

  • Shadow & assist health professionals as directed
  • Tasked to compare/contrast Colombian practices vs. U.S. practices then make presentation
  • Support in the creation of information materials for the public
  • Support in the review of current internal operations processes & procedures for improvement
  • Support in the daily tasks and other duties assigned by supervisor
  • Play the role of a ‘day in the life’ of a Colombian employee and/or intern at each of the worksites
  • Participate as a Bilingual Assistant or Assistant Team Leader with ISL’s Global Health Teams Service

Term: o Volunteering: Open; may be determined upon an initial interview to meet mutual goals

Available for Combo Options? YES If participant is volunteering for at least 1 week, this option may be combined with other volunteering opportunities

Work Schedule: 8 hrs./day - Monday-Friday (TBD am - TBD pm)

Service Window:  January to December

Special Skills Desired:

  •  Interest in community health
  •  Strong communication skills
  •  Great attitude
  •  Proactive
  •  Self-Directed
  •  Responsible & Mature
Setting Description:
Beautiful Colombian Coffee Region.
$15/day USD.

Additional Program Information

Must be 18 years and have a strong desire to learn with a solid sense of maturity, responsibility, and reliability.
Scholarships Description:
Based on financial need, lodging may be subsidized by the foundation.

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