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Welcome to the MSc Applied Psychology, A unique program in Dubai offering students a range of modules that give a taste of various applied psychological fields.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Full Degree
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Welcome to the MSc Applied Psychology, A unique program in Dubai offering students a range of modules that give a taste of various applied psychological fields. As a campus of Middlesex University we bring you internationally recognised degree developed by the expertise of applied and academic psychologists.

In particular, the MSc Applied Psychology has been designed with the international student in mind providing an introduction to a wide variety of applications for psychology in the real world. This allows students to gain diverse academic skills and psychological knowledge which can be applied to their individual situations and careers. It may also be used as a stepping stone for personal development and potentially a future career in psychology.

The degree focuses on the application of psychological science to work and daily life and showcases the many fields covered by the psychology profession. These include, Organisational, education, counselling, and neuropsychology. In each case the understanding of human behaviour students gain can be generalised beyond the specific field of psychology. For example, counselling skills such as listening and re-formulating a problem are at the core of managerial skills while understanding how people understand and manage their health and well being is important in families dealing with illness or for individuals trying to kick bad habits such as smoking.

Psychology is one of those subjects where a little bit of genuine interest and understanding goes a long way. We encourage students to read widely and to consider how the theories and research expand their knowledge. Therefore this degree is not only academic but enhances personal and professional growth.

Why Choose MSc Applied Psychology

The MSc Applied Psychology masters degree at Middlesex University has been designed with an emphasis on research but also equips you with knowledge of theoretical and practical issues in areas of Applied Psychology. We supply you with course content designed to impart the advanced knowledge required to serve your interests and career aspirations. The MSc Applied Psychology postgraduate degree is ideally suited to those with careers in Human Resources or Education who want to further their knowledge of psychology in these contexts. Or, for those with an interest in personal development through gaining an advanced level, research focused degree in this field.

Aims of the programme

The general aim of the programme is to provide an intellectual setting within which students can both develop a fuller appreciation of substantive areas of applied psychology and improve their analytical skills. The programme aims to provide a learning environment within which the successful student will:

a) Gain knowledge and understanding of key areas of Applied Psychology in the workplace (e.g. Education, Counselling, and Business Psychology).

b) Gain knowledge and critical understanding of the various research techniques and statistical methods that may be viewed as appropriate to a postgraduate level training in psychology.

d) Gain experience developing practical research, analytical and reporting skills therefore making an appropriate contribution to research within an area of Applied Psychology.

21918 USD.

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Financial Aid:
We welcome applications from all graduates with a minimum second class UK honours degree or equivalent qualification, in an appropriate subject. We also consider candidates with other relevant qualifications with work experience on an individual assessment subject to approval by Programme Leader.
Scholarships Description:
Academic Excellence and Sports/Cultural Excellence Scholarships are provided for deserving students

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