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Students take the following 6 credits: Introduction to International Business and World Politics to enhance global competence in any career, exposing participants to a unique transnational experience.
Paris, France; Liege, Belgium; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Study Abroad
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Offers students and lifelong learners in the community a stimulating academic and cultural platform to enhance global competence in any career, exposing participants to a unique transnational perspective.

Students take the following 6 credits: IBS101-Introduction to International Business (3 cr) and World Politics (3 cr). The focus of this program is to examine the interconnectedness amongst cultural values, globalization and its impact on the world economic systems. It will explore closely how the European Union functions and its impact not only in the world economic system at large but specifically how it affects the economic system in the USA. The selected countries for this program (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) have pivotal roles within the European Union. The European Council sits in Brussels and it offers the perfect setting for the program and its focus.

Students will enjoy many excursions, including: sites in Liege, Belgium; the Louvre in Paris, France; the EU Council in Brussels; the Bock Castle in Luxembourg; in the Netherlands; the Cologne Cathedral and Eau de Cologne in Cologne, Germany; and many more museums, businesses, and castles in the aforementioned countries. See website for full array of cultural excursions.

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Based in Liege, Belgium, known as the “Cockpit of Europe” due to its central location and many military campaigns that have been fought on its territories between other European powers, the participant will walk through the cobble stones of time, sense the intrigue and lavishness of past kingdoms, meander through castles and museums, feel the vestiges of centuries of history intermingled with today’s society.
Please see the Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ) study abroad website for annual dates, current pricing, and course competencies. Program fee includes: Academic facility, lodging, cultural excursions, local ground transportation, medical insurance and direct program fees. Students pay for tuition, international airfare and meals.

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