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*Opportunity to improve health and posture *Individual classes (as well as the group sessions) tailored to your personal needs *Opportunity to learn to reduce stress and stress
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Study Abroad
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Rolling Starts, Summer

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Originating in India, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It has also been developed and refined in China, Japan, and other parts of Asia. In the last several generations, the Western World has been incorporating yoga into its philosophical ideology and its approach to health. With the growing popularity of yoga, Western science has been proving its efficiency in the maintenance and betterment of mental, physical and emotional health. The main goal of yoga is the use of the body as a medium for self-realization. Yoga uses the body as an instrument for liberation through a series of movements and exercises in order to administer and assimilate the Vital Energy (Prana). Mente Argentina’s Yoga program is designed for beginners, who are interested in learning and practicing the discipline, as well as for those are experienced and would like to deepen and strengthen their knowledge and ability in their practice. During the Yoga course of the program you will experience several benefits to your practice, including: Stimulating the vital energy (prana) flow Stimulation in your endocrine glands, which helps regulate the metabolism and moods among other important functions More flexibility and strength Quieting the mind Better posture and health Better digestion, respiration and concentration Improving cardiovascular flow and function Nervous system improvement Reduction of stress and tension Relieving muscle pain Mood improvement, reducing feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, etc. Our Yoga program combines various teaching techniques guaranteeing a holistic and unforgettable experience.

*Opportunity to improve health and posture *Individual classes (as well as the group sessions) tailored to your personal needs *Opportunity to learn to reduce stress and stress

* Yoga Program Full Tuition Fees. * Certificate of Yoga Program granted by Mente Argentina * Exclusive Accommodation in the best areas of Buenos Aires: Palermo, Belgrano, Barrio Norte or Recoleta * Full access to Mente Argentina Tours & Activities * Airport Pick up * Airport Drop off * Welcome Orientation * Mente Argentina Welcome Kit (calling card, insider's city guide, maps, and more) * Health Club Membership: Free Gym membership included * Free Cellular Phone * Mente Argentina Discount Card * Tango Lessons * Conversation Exchange Partner * Mente Argentina On-site assistance & Support Services 24/7

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