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Studying while traveling London, Paris, Strasbourg, Munich and Prague, we take great pride in designing each day to be an inspiring and adventurous learning experience.
Strasbourg, France; Munich, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France
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Study Abroad
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Courses offered for grade 12 students: The West and the World - Grade 12 & English - Grade 12 (Students have the choice between English or Studies in Literature) This course examines contemporary issues in modern Western history and literature. Economic, political, military, cultural and environmental concerns will be discussed in depth as students travel from London through to Prague while studying history, analysing literature and reliving the past. Students will explore firsthand the diverse cultural attitudes towards revolution, industrialism, WWI, WWII, the Cold War and the conflicts leading into the 21st century, providing plenty of opportunity for students to hone their writing skills through essays and interactive assignments. Courses offered for grade 11 students: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - Grade 11 & English - Grade 11 This program emphasizes the development of cultural literacy, as well as oral and written communication while offering students an opportunity to make connections between two subject areas: English and the social sciences. Students will develop a foundational understanding of anthropological, psychological and sociological concepts and apply them to a broad range of literary and cultural texts. This unique academic experience will enable students to better understand the views, values and beliefs of their own society and their place within it.

Studying while traveling London, Paris, Strasbourg, Munich and Prague, we take great pride in designing each day to be an inspiring and adventurous learning experience.

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Online (Day 1-5) Our online pre-departure component is aimed at ensuring our students are ready to hit the ground running so they can enjoy every minute of their summer journey. Students will complete five days of online preparation, spending 1.5 hours a day on each academic course. That way, students can complete their first assignments and start connecting with their future classmates. Departure from Toronto (Day 6) Our North American departure hub is Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Five hours prior to our departure, a short meeting will be held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Terminal 3, to distribute course packs and maps and to clarify travel procedures. All students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. Students making alternate flight arrangements must contact MEI before March 31, 2011. London (Day 7-13) While studying the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, we will visit the infamous Tower of London and Shakespeare's Globe
Tuition: $8,295 CDN funds Tuition Includes: Transportation Return airfare from Toronto's Pearson International Airport Transportation between hotel locations via private coach Transportation for all listed program excursions Transfers to all accommodations Trip Related Hotels and accommodations Breakfast and dinner daily Entrance fees to all course-specific sites Course Components Ministry-approved credit(s) upon succes