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To anyone looking to become a medical student, or wanting to expand on their experiences in health care, this program should be an essential item on your to do list! Our programs have proven to be highly beneficial to people interested in pre-medicine, pr
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Volunteer Abroad
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Animals, Health, Social Services
1-3 months

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Medi Gateways is a specialised company which offers short-term, observational, medical internship programs in hospitals and animal hospitals located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During these programs, you will be given access to several main areas of the hospital, by shadowing doctors and other professionals whilst they work day to day. This access gives you a real life experience of what a career in medicine is really like. We also offer tailored programs in areas such as Psychiatry, Dentistry, Laboratory Science and more. We help people from the age of 16 years old upwards, from all over the world, who are considering/currently pursuing a career in medicine or veterinarian medicine. These people are usually pre-medical students who are either undecided in their future career choice, are actively attempting to secure a placement in medical school, or are already medical students. Medi Gateways is a UK company with offices based in Chester, England and offices located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ensuring that you have an experienced and dedicated support team available to you throughout your placement. We will make sure that this is a truly worthwhile experience that you will never forget! As well as the hospital program placement, we provide quality accommodation, delicious food, tailor made uniforms, private transportation, extra curricular activities, full-time pre-arrival and in-country support and a certificate of completion.

To anyone looking to become a medical student, or wanting to expand on their experiences in health care, this program should be an essential item on your to do list! Our programs have proven to be highly beneficial to people interested in pre-medicine, pre-veterinarian, pre-nursing, pre-health, pre-psychiatry, pre-dentistry and many more! Our programs give you 25+ hours per week of special access to key areas of the hospital, these areas include the Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Units, In/Out Patient Departments, Surgical Departments, OB/GYN and many more. You will be able to see a wide variety of different cases with an experienced professional being on hand full-time to explain each of them in detail to you. We even offer programs in animal medicine! You will attend teaching sessions exclusive to Medi Gateways students with senior members of the departments you visit. At the end of the program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, signed by a company director, and a senior member of the hospital, usually a member of the board of directors. All of our programs are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and for good reason. Chiang Mai is a beautiful, safe city, which is bursting with Thailand's unique and beautiful culture and nature. During your placement, you will get involved with activities which will allow you to really soak in and enjoy this culture. We arrange activities like Thai cooking classes, and day trips in to the city and mountainous areas.

Be able to gain this amount of varied, intensive access to a hospital is rare, and holds several benefits to you as a program participant. It gives you an incredible opportunity to have as much access as a senior medical student, regardless of your current educational status or previous experience. This experience not only looks fantastic on your resumé/C.V., but it also helps clarify what and where you would like your career to be. It can help you to positively stand out from the crowd when you make an application and allow you to draw on unique experience in interviews. Couple this with being exposed to the beautiful culture of Thailand, and you have a winning combination.
Setting Description:
Our programs are based in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is actually the former capital of Thailand, and is bursting with Northern Thailand's unique Lanna culture and traditions. The hospitals you will visit are situated in the centre of this city, they are busy, highly professional and well respected. You will stay in our comfortable partner hotel located in the country side, just outside of the city. It is quiet, safe and surrounded by stunning views of the mountains. You will have your own on-suite room with a beautiful view of either the lake or the surrounding mountains. The hotel cooks excellent Thai and international cuisine, has it's own pool, traditional Thai massage room, home-made bakery and land to use for games and activities. We will also arrange activities in the evenings and weekends, so you will never be bored! These include Thai cooking classes, Thai language classes, trips to ancient cultural sites, temples, markets and more!
Once you have contacted our customer support team and have concluded what program and when you would like to join, we will collect an initial payment of £190 GBP. From there, we will organise and secure your placement, then request final payment due around 60 days before the date you start your placement. Final payment is as follows: 1 week - £500 (GBP) 2 weeks - £950 (GBP) 3 weeks - £1400 (GBP) 4 weeks - £1850 (GBP) Additional weeks - Add £450 (GBP) per week

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