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Our program is available on our website.
Budapest, Hungary
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Study Abroad
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The MCC Summer Academy 2014 is an international event held in August 2014 from 17-26, that aims to assemble students from all around the world in order to discuss the complex topics of global development and food issues. The ten days long Academy will be held in Budapest, the lively capital of Hungary. Not only the environment will be inspiring, but also the interactions of the wide variety of students from different cultures and the thought-evoking seminars held by leading scholars and experts. Our participants are offered to gain insight about global development and food issues from various perspectives.

Our program is available on our website.

The Summer Academy constitutes an excellent opportunity for students to engage themselves in a professional environment, an experience that could prove to be of paramount importance once they enter the labour market. Besides this, they will have the chance to participate in group projects and debates, with which they can improve their communication and leadership skills.
We know money can be tight. For those who want to participate in the MCC Summer Academy the fee is reduced to 245 euros. Be an early bird and save precious euros! EARLY BIRD APPLICATION DEADLINE: 10.06.2014. Apply fast or be last! (After the deadline the program costs 280 euros.)