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If you want to study Mandarin and integrate a local company in China, the career boost is made for you! This program includes 8 or 16 weeks of intensive language of mandarin. Then we provide an internship position in our partner as Carrefour, Siemens, Dis
Shanghai, China
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Intensive Language
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Gap Year
1-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-11 months, 1 year

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The internship program is divide in two part.


First we provide 8 or 16 weeks of intensive language course of mandarin. You will learn the basics of chinese and the specific vocabulary of your academic field and sector as finance, HR, heavy industry... This strategy is to make you able to integrate a local company in your field. We have a large choice of different companies (as Siemens, Carrefour, Disney) who are searching for specific skills and positions.  Our mission is to provide them the labor force that they need, the fact to learn Chinese before the internship will help you to integrate the company and the collaboration.


The second part is the job that you will do after intensive language course. We will schedule interview during the first part with the company that you want and in the field requested for your internship. According to the experience and your academic field we will propose you a large amount of internship position, then you just have to choose and to promote yourself.


This program is the best way to enter in the chinese labor market with confidence and safety, also it is a great boost for your career in China. We know that to get an internship in China is difficult and not secure for the foreigner because of the language, culture, administration task and a lot of people already gave up before coming here, and finally loose the opportunity to enter to the biggest labor market in the world. We help you to handle this problem. In China you will learn a lot because of the culture, the Chinese management which is very specific. More do an internship in China will make the difference between you and others student, thus your resume will be improving. Today the company are searching people who are able to work everywhere and who have already an experience abroad. Nowadays make an internship abroad is the minimum require standard for an international career. This program will give you that and increase the possibilities of employment around the world.

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1065 zhaojiabang Road,   Xuhui,Shanghai,(5min walk from Xujiahui station Exit 10)
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