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Benefits of MAHSA MBBS Program 1. Integrated Curriculum; teaching based on systems, use of Problem Based Learning (PBL’s) and Self Directed Learning (SDL). 2. Use of Cadavers in Dissection as opposed to Prosections. 3. The incorporation of ECE (Early C
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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MAHSA University is recognized by all relevant authorities in Malaysia including Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and all professional bodies such as the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). ? The University has been recognized by the authorities and honored as the only private university with the fastest upgrade in the history of private education in Malaysia and one of the highest standard in Medical and Allied Health Sciences in the country ? The recognition of the quality of the programs at MAHSA by the authorities in Malaysia has earned us the approval to enroll maximum quota in all the three top degrees in the country: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), and Bachelor of Pharmacy. This is very important because it is an indication of the quality of the programs as the authorities and the respective bodies usually allocate the number of students that can be admitted on these programs only when they are satisfied with the standard ? Our Faculty of Medicine housing the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) has no measure among it’s equals. ? MAHSA maintains that standard by using state-of-the-art facilities that cannot be found in any other medical institution in the country e.g The “Anatomage” – a high-tech computerized medical training equipment that help students gain better understanding of the anatomical structure of the human body as well as practicing non-wet surgical skills on the device ? MAHSA is one of the very few private university in the country awarded license to conduct dissection (vital for surgical skill) within our university training facility during the training of medical students. So, we have both ‘Dry & Wet Labs and sufficient cadavers more than any other institutions too. ? The university also is the only one allowed to integrate certain components of the MBBS training by adopting various kinds of resources that are yet to be inculcated into such training in Malaysia. ? MAHSA is also the only private university in Malaysia with the privilege of using top government facilities for the training of our medical students such as the: o (i) Ultra-modern Sungai Buloh Hospital – the first paperless hospital in Malaysia; year 3 the beginning of the ‘Clinical Phase is done here. o (ii) 2,600 bedded Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) – the largest hospital under the Ministry of Health Malaysia and also with the most concentrated specialist’. Year 4 & 5(final year) are conducted in this hospital. ? The experts running these programs are drawn from among well established and highly respected professionals in both Malaysia and beyond. ? In that way we have a blend of the current practice as well as the best teaching and learning strategies that enhance the learning experiences of our students. ? We utilize 'Early Clinical Exposure' (ECE), Problem-Based Learning (PBL); Modular pattern of teaching and training to keep track of the progress of every single student. ? Students are exposed to PBL and triggers that simulate real life clinical challenges to teach students logical reasoning in every clinical situation. ? All of these is to enable our students go through a continuous process of development for both the skills they require and the knowledge for future career growth. ? Therefore, we strongly believe our students are well prepared to make the difference in medical practice in Malaysia in the near future, and you a just a step away from that destination. ? Intake is once a year – every September; and seats are limited and so are highly competitive.

Benefits of MAHSA MBBS Program 1. Integrated Curriculum; teaching based on systems, use of Problem Based Learning (PBL’s) and Self Directed Learning (SDL). 2. Use of Cadavers in Dissection as opposed to Prosections. 3. The incorporation of ECE (Early Clinical Exposure) whereby students are thought basic procedures like blood taking, urine catherization, etc on mannequins. 4. KLGH – largest hospital in the country with high patient load. Student exposed to a variety of cases. 5. Use of IT to aid learning and teaching. Notes are all online. 6. Cross teaching; e.g. i. In Rehabilitative care under Musculo-skeletal component, students go to the Physio Clinic for lessons. ii. During Ophthalmology posting student can view cataract operations in the Eye Clinic. 7. Electives in UK Universities. 8. Local graduates do not have to appear for the “Blanket Exam” as opposed to graduates from foreign universities. 9. MQA Full Accreditation

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