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With the Three Cities program, students are immersed in the unique characteristics of three Italian cities during a single semester: Tuscania, Rome and Florence.
Tuscania, Italy; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Fall Semester, Spring Semester

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The Three Cities Program exposes students to the special characteristics of three different Italian cities during a single semester: Tuscania, Rome and Florence are the three cities students will explore, learning of each's distinctive character, historical and artistic heritage, and role in today’s Italy. After living and studying in this changing landscape, Three Cities’ students come away with unique insights into the diversity and complexity of another culture. Students will explore the beauty of the Italian language, the relationship between cultures, the ancient roots of Italy and Rome, Italian gastronomic geography, and the ways writing can create engagement with new places. 

Students spend a month at each location, moving from Tuscania to Rome, and finally to Florence, attending five 3-credit courses—two courses in Tuscania, one in Rome, and two in Florence. At each of these locations, they will be closely supported by LdM’s expert and experienced team of advisors, support staff and faculty

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