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Explore and conserve Thailand’s diverse ecosystems – from the jungle to the beach! On this tropical adventure abroad, students will learn all about conservation in marine life as well as the important work being done at elephant sanctuaries.
Chiang Mai, Thailand; Koh Tao, Thailand
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Study Abroad
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This two-week program is an adventure to explore and learn about the most beautiful and amazing landscapes of Thailand, from the rain forests in the North to the coral reefs in the South.

Join expert conservationists studying and protecting these delicate ecosystems, and enjoy the elephants, sharks, sea turtles, and more that call them home.


• Get SCUBA certified and learn conservation diving
• Visit an elephant sanctuary
• Learn to identify marine invertebrates, tropical fish, and understand reef health
• Stay overnight in forest villages to understand their livelihoods and connections to forest ecosystems
• Zipline through the jungle

Some of the topics explored during this program are:

• Coral reef ecology and reef organisms from invertebrates to fish, reptiles, and mammals
• History and conservation of Asian Elephants
• Sea turtles and blacktip reef sharks
• How local communities traditionally use forests and reefs
• Preserving ecosystems while helping local people
• Tropical forest ecology
• Deforestation and accelerated forest recovery
• Climate change and its effects on all ecosystems

College credit is available as well as 20 animal experience hours, 10 research hours, and 20 service hours.

Setting Description:
Set off for the lush jungles of northern Thailand as well as the tropical beaches of the south.
Tuition is all-inclusive, less international airfare.

Additional Program Information

This program is open to students and young adults age 18 – 23. There are no academic pre-requisites for this program. You must be able to swim and be physically fit enough for outdoor activities such as hiking and SCUBA diving.
Scholarships Description:
Need-based scholarships and aid are available. Details can be found on our website or by messaging us for more information.

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