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Engineering you will learn by doing and building from all the Summer Schools held at University Cambridge or London University UCL each Summer.
London, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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High School

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Engineering Preparation Summer Course in Cambridge and London University Summer for High School Students 15-18

Lite Regal Education Engineering Summer School is one of the Worlds and UK's leading Engineering Preparation Summer Courses for students aged 15-18. This summer course is intended for the young Engineers of tomorrow. It is primarily aimed at those students wishing to study Engineering or an Engineering related subject at a Top UK University. Those students wishing to gain invaluable knowledge in engineering and science and who intend to study in a "Top" University or Engineering College in the UK or abroad will greatly benefit from this Engineering summer school course.

Any student who is currently studying science at school and likes to build and construct things and is interested in Engineering should consider this course.

We find that many students who attend our Engineering summer course want to make sure that the Engineering "route" is the right choice for them in the future. 

  • 1/ Use 3 D Printers to design 21st century moving objects – Students will design cars or a planes and then using 3d Printers see their design come to life. They will learn about aero dynamics and about how jet and mechanical propulsion engines work and development of future forms of fuel.
  • Learn about the design and Engineering behind the Blackbird Engineering Students from Lite Regal from around the world will learn about stealth Technology and Propulsion of the SR21 which still holds the Speed and Altitude Record of any aircraft.
  • 2/ Build Mechanical and Civil Structures – build model bridges, tall model building and various structures and learn about Civil and Structural Engineering – with the help of the tutor and peers students will make an assessment of the type of material to be used to build the structure, grade of material and to calculate the internal an external forces that the students structure would have to withstand should it be built to life size.
  • 3/ Build a Jet Propulsion and Mechanical Engine to see how this works.
  • 4/ Build a Hydrogen Powered Model Car – learn about clean energy and hydrogen vehicles that uses hydrogen as its on board fuel for power.
  • 5/ Discuss and learn about all the different Streams of Engineering.
  • 6/ Learn how to apply and what is necessary to get admissions into a Top Engineering University.
  • 7/ Tour of Oxford and Cambridge and London and well as a tour of the Top University Colleges in the UK to get the feel of a Top Class University – Students will visit LSE, IMPERIAL, Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.
  • Lite Regal will make the Engineering Course practical, fun and students will learn by doing with the best workshops and lead by the best University tutors. The tutors to make every lesson and workshop Interesting.
  • 8/ New for 2020 and due to huge demand Students will build and fly their own drone.
  • 9/ Virtual Reality – Use and learn the latest Oculus Rift Head set for Engineering Design
5000 GBP.

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IELTS English over 5.5 and good GPA and Interest in Engineering Interest in Studying Engineering in the future Good GPA and desire to find out what it is like to study engineering at University
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Open each fall for the following Summer Entry

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