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The course offerings are directed at students who want to help shape the strategic development of organizations.
Luneburg, Germany
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Full Degree
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Businesses in a globalized world need to adapt constantly to changing circumstances in order to maintain their markets. The major in Management & Business Development aims to provide students with a solid understanding of change, and to use economic theory and empirical research to teach them operative management strategies. Content and Idea The course offerings are directed at students who want to help shape the strategic development of organizations. The challenges represented by change stand at the center of our program - from starting up and growing a firm, to directing its entire value chain, to designing public relations. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of change within organizations and their environments. They will also acquire theoretical and methodological expertise in analyzing and designing the development of different branches and life cycles of a firm. Finally, they will engage with practical projects and case studies in order to learn how to implement new solutions. Course Structure Central aspects of change and starting up a business are treated in four required modules during the first semester. The modules in the second semester focus on economic research methods and strategic management aspects. Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of Management of Change and can choose between elective modules in organizational development or start-up consulting. A challenging research-teaching project completes the program. Students, working as a team, will take on questions relevant to practical operations that can be understood in either disciplinary or interdisciplinary terms. In the third semester the students have the possibility to take elective modules in their individual specialization. Among the topics are: Alliances and Mergers & Acquisitions, Supply Chain Management, International Technology Management and Business Development Research. Especially the third semester is also recommended for studies abroad. The curriculum is supplemented through Management Studies courses that are open to all majors and the overarching general studies program for all Master’s students from the first to the third semester. These courses will enhance your technical expertise in management while also providing the necessary broad academic and self-critical foundations for success. During the last semester students attend the Master’s Forum while completing their thesis.

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All Master's programs at Leuphana are accredited by the accreditation agency ACQUIN.
* First university degree * minimum grade point average of 2.5, and for students of law (with a completed state examination) a minimum of 7.5 points * Discipline-specific requirements: consecutive studies and credit points * English language skills Read more on our website
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* German language skills

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