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Explore India's Cultural Diversity * Learn about India's diverse traditions through field visits, interactive seminars, and personal experience * This program offers you full linguistic and cultural immersion * Meet inspiring personalities an
Delhi, India; Benares, India; Rishikesh, India
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Intern Abroad
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Work Types:
Business, Hospitality, Religion, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:
This 4-week program (with a potential 2-week to 6-month extension) centered around New Delhi, India, immerses the participants in the diverse cultures of the amazing Indian Subcontinent. Next to a program of seminars and language trainings from Monday to Fridays, there are skills trainings and field trips as well as overnight excursions on the weekends and a possible extension of two weeks to six months to pursue your own individual project. The program offers you the chance to take subjects that are outside your normal degree, broaden your educational experience, and accelerate your academic and professional career. A cornerstone philosophy of the program is that only by living in India and experiencing it personally, one is truly able to grasp the meaning of cultural diversity in India. This highly interdisciplinary program will allow international participants to experience first-hand the myriad cultures that constitute the diverse country that is India. It provides participants with manifold opportunities to view India through various lenses and explore its diverse landscapes, varied foods, unparalleled architectural monuments, World Heritage Sites, and colorful festivals. You will meet and interact with people from all walks of life, from the international businessman to the dedicated grassroots volunteer, from the atheistic scientist to the Muslim mullah, from cosmopolitan socialites to street children. You will be able to learn from all of their experiences and within no time you will find yourself successfully navigating the local cultural environment. At a Glance: Program Location New Delhi and field trips / excursions to Varansi, Rishikesh and Alwar Program Length: Sunday 15th of July 2011 to Saturday 11th of August 2011 (4 weeks program) Participants: Students as well as professionals with an interest in India and global studies in general Program Schedule: * 20 Hindustani Trainings (4 hours each, Monday to Friday 9AM to 1PM) * 4 Delhi Tours (4 hours each, every Wednesday afternoon) * 8 Seminars (3 hours each, every Monday and Thursday in the afternoon) * 8 Skills Trainings (3 hours each, every Tuesday and Friday in the afternoon) * 3 Overnight Weekend Excursions to amazing sites in India Possible Extension of Program: A 2-week to 6-month Internship / Volunteer / Academic Project can be added after the program to solidify your newly acquired knowledge. You determine the field you want to gain experience in and we will make it possible.

Explore India's Cultural Diversity * Learn about India's diverse traditions through field visits, interactive seminars, and personal experience * This program offers you full linguistic and cultural immersion * Meet inspiring personalities and innovative organisations in India Learn Hindi / Urdu / Hindustani * Talk to the locals * Learn to communicate in one of the four most-used languages in the world * Prepare for an increasingly globalised world Have The Time Of Your Life Doing It * Trek in dense jungles, observe wildlife in national parks, and meet remote tribal communities * Join in a celebration of local arts and traditions and enjoy an attractive program of amazing excursions, field trips, cultural events, social gatherings, and local festivals * The program provides the perfect setting for you to meet like-minded people from all over the world

Why Do a Summer Program In India? India holds a very special place in our globalising world. It is not only home to every sixth human being on the planet, it is also the most culturally diverse country in the world. From high-tech industries in the megacities to remote jungle villages seemingly untouched by time, India encompasses both the dynamic forces of globalisation and the deep-rooted traditions of one of the world's most ancient cultures. What Will I Gain From It? Studying in India among people of other cultures is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The unique chance to immerse yourself in the daily routine of India's cultural environment opens totally new professional and personal perspectives. The India Summer Program provides a meaningful complement to your university curriculum or profession and can help you to further your career goals. Our program has the courses you need and the fun you are looking for when spending your summer, guaranteeing you an unforgettable stay. It is also the ideal program to study the current state of business in the rapidly changing Indian economy, to learn and use India's lingua franca Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu), and to explore contemporary Indian society.
Setting Description:
This program offers a unique experience “on site”, such as a field trips and overnight excursions, where the destination sites function as integral parts of the learning experience. Authenticity is of utmost importance here. That is why you will get the chance to stay in a Hindu ashram, practice your language skills in a Muslim shrine, learn jungle survival skills from tribals living in the jungles, and share your food with holy men meditating in secluded caves. While you will move among a number of different sites, you will find well equipped and secure classrooms and accommodation facilities throughout the program. Most of your time, however, will be spent in Delhi, the vibrant cultural and political center of India.
The cost of the program is Euro 1898 (about 2560 USD or INR 113880). Our "Bring a Friend" Discount: For everybody who registers for the India Summer Program 2011 through you, you will get a discount of Euro 100. That means, if 2 people register through you, you will get Euro 200 discount, for 5 people Euro 500, and so on. Costs Include: • Extensive pre-departure information package • Airport pick up service • All accommodations (including breakfast or breakfast and dinner depending on the t