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The principal goal of our Master’s program is to train professionals who can respond to the needs of society and solve problems.
Yokohama, Japan
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Full Degree
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As to better meet emerging needs in our rapidly changing world, we have also introduced Professional Development Courses covering several specific professional fields. Presently offered are the Advanced IT Specialist Course, the Low Carbon Society Design Course, the Social Innovation Course, and the Advanced Integrated Research in ICT Course. Each boasts a curriculum tailored to the requirements of specific professional careers, and graduates are awarded certificates of completion in addition to a Master’s degree (in Media and Governance). Through such steps, the Graduate School of Media and Governance seeks to respond flexibly to changing social trends and needs. The specialist research domains are determined by a student’s “Program”. At present, there are eight: Global Governance and Regional Strategy, Human Security and Communications, Policy Making and Social Innovation, Cognition, Sense-Making and Biophysical Skills, Environmental Design and Governance, X-Design, Cyber Informatics, and Systems Biology. Like the Professional Development Course, students who complete their required subjects and satisfy other necessary requirements receive a Program certificate. The principal goal of our Master’s program is to train professionals who can respond to the needs of society and are equipped with both the specialized knowledge and practical insight to identify and solve problems. We expect to see them make good use of the hands-on training and practical wisdom acquired in the research projects that are the backbone of our curriculum as they pursue careers in the private sector, at research institutes and NPOs, in local and national government, and at international agencies. Graduates pursue careers in fields such as organizational management, planning and policy formation, social innovation, urban design, global environmental issues, information technology, knowledge processing, biotechnology, technology and design, and media.

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