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We started with the basics in political science and philosophy, global economy and cultural studies. We deal with current events in our globalised world and try to analyse connections via scientific theories.
Karlsruhe, Germany
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I've often wondered where I come from, where I'm going and what "binds creation's inmost energies". I'm interested in economics – but not the one that's limited exclusively to mathematics, strives for profit and with its complex needs for simple cost/benefit analyses, leaves people out.

I've always wondered why it's always economists that tell us about crises in the media and philosophers are never asked for a solution. Whether our politicians have ever read Hobbes, Marx or Kierkegaard. I don't want to choose between a world of numbers, one of the words and the deeds.

I long for answers to the questions about the equitable co-existence of fair trade and fair society reforms and often only find criticism of the thinkers and philosophers suggestions. I'm interested in politics as a practical tool of reason and am fascinated by the differences of cultures that clash with the globalization of economies.

I also wonder if there's an economic system that doesn't, in the long term, destroy the planet. Maybe there's a different approach that brings prosperity for all and is an alternative to what we already have.

I want to learn how to resolve conflicts, to debate and to not just simply express my views, but to steadily develop them. I want to have very broad horizons. That's why I'm going to be a universal scholar of our time and study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Karlshochschule.

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