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Current topics, political issues or economic news…I used to look at them from my perspective, the point of view that I developed over time
Karlsruhe, Germany
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Full Degree
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International Relations

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I get switched on when others tend to turn off because I’m passionately interested in what's happening in the world and its effects. In this way, I soak up critically new information like a sponge and throw myself into actual political debate and reflect about international developments. The major issues and challenges in our world, especially revolving around peace, prosperity, environmental protection, justice and human rights are what excite and drive me on.

Moreover, together with others, I want to socially engage and I am curious about foreign cultures with their ways of feeling, thinking and living. I am interested in understanding how to build bridges and getting involved in its construction. Therefore, it is enriching for me when I can contribute to achieving or helping to develop peaceful solutions to challenging problems or conflicts.

As I believe in diplomacy and forms of constructive politics as a driving force on the conflict-ridden world stage, I would like to better understand its conditions, functions and possibilities.

Because violence is not a sustainable way for international relations, I would like to help that instead of people fighting each other with weapons or exploiting their economic power, negotiate with words, wisdom and values.

Accordingly, I see myself as a future intermediary between cultures with their respective interests and particularities. In the future, I can see myself working for example for the Federal Foreign Office, a supranational institution, an international company or an NGO.

I want to learn the art of diplomatic negotiations and comprehend the nexus of international politics and economics, ecology and ethics, legal regulations and cultural ideas, from scratch.

For all these reasons, I am studying International Relations at Karlshochschule.

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