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The program’s curriculum and teaching approach is consistent with the school's mission to educate working adults to achieve their professional goals and to improve the quality of education in their communities. It is designed to emphasize curricular leade
Delhi, India; Paris, France; New York City, United States; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
The ISM Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is designed for two types of candidates: experienced business executives who would like “to give something back” and assist in the development of future business leaders by becoming effective educators; and innovative teachers and/or researchers determined to make an impact by contributing to the body of knowledge in their chosen disciplines. Our PhD candidates learn to make a difference through writing, speaking, teaching, researching, consulting, and undertaking entrepreneurial ventures. Our program emphasizes an understanding of management as it is practiced and interpreted across organizations, sectors, and cultures. Each candidate develops the research and teaching skills to generate and encourage new perspectives on management practice. Our faculty members, who have earned worldwide recognition for their applied research, are the school's major resource for doctoral education. Their commitment to advancing management knowledge through both theoretical and applied research, and to improving the quality of teaching, enables faculty members to effectively mentor doctoral students, who form part of the intellectual capital of the School.

The program’s curriculum and teaching approach is consistent with the school's mission to educate working adults to achieve their professional goals and to improve the quality of education in their communities. It is designed to emphasize curricular leadership and to focus on applied and theoretical research that improves instruction and educational outcomes. The requirement to complete 18.5 DBA multidisciplinary seminar credits allows for the choice and flexibility candidates need to meet their individual career goals and professional responsibilities. Candidates may choose the generalist track or choose from among the three specializations for the validation of this requirement. Candidates may seek advice from the Academic Director in choosing their multidisciplinary seminars which can be taken at several locations or online. Once candidates have validated their multidisciplinary seminars, they must complete core PhD seminars on research methods.

Candidates of the Ph.D. program will: 1. Write publishable research reports which make significant intellectual contributions to the body of knowledge in their chosen fields and provide innovative solutions to the day-to-day problems faced in their professional careers. 2. Communicate educational course content effectively, using traditional and emerging communication techniques and technologies in satisfactorily preparing and delivering graduate level business courses. 3. Apply relevant theoretical knowledge to contemporary business problems and critique contemporary organisational practice in the light of relevant theory. 4. Explain the principles of, and apply a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods frequently used in business research to solve current business management problems. 5. Critically evaluate business research studies in order to assess their quality and applicability in improving the effective handling of business management problems. 6. Acquire and utilise knowledge of behavioural, policy and strategic issues to improve the effectiveness of their own organisations. 7. Identify, analyse and evaluate internal and external environmental influences on organisations in order to develop strategic plans for the management of change and the development of their organizations. 8. Demonstrate superior oral and written communications skills relevant to business, link their educational experience directly to their own workplace experience, and be proficient in transferring those skills and capabilities to others.
Setting Description:
International experience is critical for today’s executive and scholar. ISM offers students the opportunity to fulfill their degree requirements through a combination of seminars in one of several of our locations and through e-learning. Seminar locations other than Paris are packaged as two-week programs. This allows PhD students to gain true insight into the countries’ business policies and culture and offers them a chance to interact with new faculty and business executives. All students must complete at least 25% of their coursework in face-to-face seminars at one of our locations. The New York program focuses on American and international business practices (5 credits). The programs in Asia and Brazil concentrate on the booming economies of China, India, and Latin America, and how to break into these markets (5 credits each). Please Note: ISM's international programs are included in the tuition fees; however, students are responsible for any expenses associated with travel, r
Tuition Fees* Self Sponsored: $87,360 / 67.200€ Company Sponsored: $94,185 / 72.450€ Al applicants are eligible to apply for upt o 30% scholarship, awarded directly from ISM. *Tuition fees include academic services in all cities of study. Any costs associated with transportation, housing, or other personal expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate or sponsor.