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Degree Requirements: Over a four to six year period each candidate must accumulate a total of 54 credits. This is accomplished through: Completion of a minimum of 21 credits of coursework. This can be done through a combination of seminars in Paris, semi
Delhi, India; Paris, France; New York City, United States; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
The ISM Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed to cultivate the leadership necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level. A doctoral degree with managerial relevance allows top managers to deepen their expertise, contribute to the knowledge of their profession, and prepare themselves for the complex analyses and decision-making required of senior management. Our program emphasizes an understanding of management as a system, understood as it operates across organizations, sectors, and cultures. The primary objective of the program is to empower senior managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers, and faculty to continue to develop their respective professions through promoting advanced theories and practices. This program prepares candidates for careers in higher levels of managerial positions by encouraging intellectual contribution and the practical application of advanced business theory.

Degree Requirements: Over a four to six year period each candidate must accumulate a total of 54 credits. This is accomplished through: Completion of a minimum of 21 credits of coursework. This can be done through a combination of seminars in Paris, seminars in other locations, and e-learning courses Completion of Professional Assessment Evaluation Case Studies I & II Completion of dissertation research project. This is an original piece of research relevant to the candidate’s continued career progression and which critically assesses current international business theories, practices and problems. 2.3.1 Academics The DBA curriculum requires candidates to apply and develop existing theories and knowledge to make a significant contribution to professional practice in their area of business. The DBA curriculum is multidisciplinary and allows candidates a great deal of choice and the flexibility they need to meet their individual career goals and professional responsibilities. The program is truly international, offering flexible study options on four different continents and guaranteeing one of the most diverse classroom experiences. Throughout the duration of their coursework and research, students benefit from personalized, one-on-one support from ISM staff and faculty, offering an unrivaled academic experience. The degree is designed to be completed within a four to six year time frame, with accelerated options available.

Learning Objectives DBA graduates will be able to: - Apply relevant theoretical knowledge to contemporary business problems. - Critique contemporary organizational practice in the light of relevant theory. - Explain the principles of and apply a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods frequently used in business research to solve current business management problems. - Critically evaluate business research studies in order to assess their quality and applicability in improving the effective handling of business management problems. - Acquire and utilize knowledge of behavioral, policy, and strategic issues to improve the effectiveness of their own organizations. - Identify, analyze and evaluate internal and external environmental influences on organizations in order to develop strategic plans for the management of change and the development of their organizations. - Demonstrate superior oral and written communication skills relevant to business. - Link their educational experience directly to their own workplace experience.
Setting Description:
International experience is critical for today’s executive. ISM offers candidates the opportunity to fulfill their degree requirements through a combination of seminars in one or several of our locations, and e-learning. Seminars in locations other than Paris are packaged as two-week intensive programs. This flexibility allows DBA students to gain true insight into the countries’ business policies and culture. Note: Students must complete at least 25% of their courses in the classroom at one of our locations. The New York program focuses on American and international business practices (5 credits). The programs in Asia and Brazil concentrate on the booming economies of China, India, and Latin America, and how to break into these markets (5 credits each).
Tuition Fees* Self Sponsored: $80,535 / 61.950€ Company Sponsored: $87,360 / 67.200€ *Tuition fees include academic services in all cities of study. Any costs associated with transportation, housing, or other personal expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate or sponsor. All applicants are eligible to apply for up to 30% scholarship, awarded directly from ISM.