Program Details

Structure of the course:
  • The minimum age is 16 years old
  • Starting dates: Any Monday (except beginners)
  • All levels from complete beginners to very advanced
  • 20 Spanish lesson
  • Location:
    Guanajuato, Mexico
    Program Type:
    Intern Abroad
    Degree Level:
    Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round
    Work Types:
    Social Sciences

    Program Overview

    Program Description:
  • Solexico Guanajuato located in a university town is an ideal setting to experience Mexican culture while learning Spanish. Exposure to the Mexican accent and traditions will enrich the learning experience at Solexico.
  • Our brightly colored school building easily accommodates 110 students in its 15 comfortable classrooms. There is also an open-air terrace where you can take breaks and meet with other students after classes, an inside courtyard, a multimedia classroom with free internet access, a teachers' lounge and a student office.
  • You can learn Spanish in Guanajuato in our Solexico school, where you will find our general Spanish courses, with flexible start dates and duration, as well as a wide range of specialized courses to suit your needs.
  • You will study in small groups (maximum 6 students per group) with classes either in the morning or in the afternoon and have an extra daily class covering local cultural topics and current events.

    Structure of the course:
  • The minimum age is 16 years old
  • Starting dates: Any Monday (except beginners)
  • All levels from complete beginners to very advanced
  • 20 Spanish lessons per week
  • From Monday to Friday
  • Spanish courses are held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and are composed of 3 lessons of practical conversational grammar and 1 lessons of practical conversation and/or lectures
  • This program consists of classes with an average of 4 students per class with a maximum of 6-8 students in high season
  • Duration: any number of weeks

  • Students may receive credits for courses at Solexico through Brookhaven College
  • Also, students may receive credit at their university or college for courses taken at Solexico with a previous agreement between both institutions. Solexico also offers courses to prepare students for college Spanish placement exams and the D.E.L.E. (The official diploma of Spanish as a Second Language).
  • Setting Description:

  • If you have always wanted to do something for those less fortunate than you, now you have the chance to do so by becoming a volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Solexico Guanajuato will find you unpaid work in various social institutions. There is onlyone requirement: that you have an adequate level of Spanish for community service. Toensure this, and to help you adapt to this new situation, it is essential that you havefollowed a Spanish course with us for at least 4 weeks. Throughout your period ofvoluntary work, Solexico will be on hand to ensure you have support and guidance and soyou can tell us how things are working out.

  • Intensive course: minimum 4 weeks (Intensive Spanish Program 20)
  • Voluntary work: minimum 4 weeks (20-40 hours per week)
  • Classes: Intensive Spanish course: maximum of 6 students per group
  • Start d
  • Cost:
    189 EUR a week, Save on All your weeks from the fourth week!
    Fee includes:
  • Classes
  • Pre-course level test
  • Certificates
  • Access to all the school facilities
  • Free Salsa and Cooking classes included in all programs
  • Free internet access and wireless connection