Program Details

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Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Year Round
Work Types:
Animal Sciences, Arts & Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Fashion, Hospitality, Journalism, Law, Medical, Nursing, Psychology, Sciences & Environment, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:

It is said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten, and for once the Blarney rings true. The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, the country's history is almost tangible, and its people seem to exist on earth expressly to restore faith in humanity. The weather may sometimes give you the impression that you're swimming through an airborne ocean, but the truly luminous greens, luxuriant wildflowers, and weekends spent enjoying yourself will more than console you as you undertake an internship in this great land. Work side by side with your Irish counterparts during the week and on the weekend visit the Cliffs of Moher at the edge of the sea or the Blarney Castle, famous for the ‘Blarney Stone’ which can grant you the “gift of eloquence!”

Setting Description:
Set in Ireland, you'll undertake a work placement that is specifically found for you based on your resume and education. You'll stay in a furnished apartment (usually with other interns) or a Scottish family (optional). Orientation is on site at the beginning of the program with our on-site internship coordinator, is available 24/7 for you during your stay in Edinburgh. Weekends are free for personal travel to London, Amsterdam, Paris or Madrid.
See Website for Pricing USD. -Custom placement -On-site Coordinator -On-site orientation -Visa assistance (US applicants only) -ISIC - International Student ID Card - includes basic Health & Evacuation Insurance for those currently enrolled in university

Additional Program Information

-At least 18 years of age -Relevant academic background and/or work experience in desired field
Scholarships Description:
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