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The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies developed the Certificate Programs

Berlin, Germany
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Full Degree
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Undergraduate Certificate
International Relations

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Program Description:

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies developed the Certificate Programs in Cultural Diplomacy in order to offer and provide participants with comprehensive, tailored learning opportunities in a number of related fields. Each program features lectures, seminars and workshops lead by experts from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector.

Certificate Programs offer the opportunity to learn about the innovative field of Cultural Diplomacy over a short period of time, allowing students and professionals with other commitments to participate. The programs offer access to high profile guest lectures, audio-visual content, a large library of reading materials, and professional networking opportunities to promote one's own projects. All participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed.

The professional development programs of the CCDS are actively supported by major figures in international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society, and the private sector.

Key Objectives of the Programs

  • Provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of International Relations within the contemporary interdependent world, while placing a particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy within this framework.
  • Educate participants about Cultural Diplomacy within the context of the political, economic, and cultural foundations upon which sustainable international relations are based.
  • Analyze soft power and hard power strategies within the international relations discourse.
  • Examine contemporary obstacles to peaceful international relations using historical and modern case studies, while considering how Cultural Diplomacy can be used to mitigate tension and conflict in the international community.
  • Equip participants with the relevant skill sets and knowledge required to embark on a career in the highly competitive international arena.
  • Provoke individual thought and reflection on new issues surrounding the rapidly developing field of Cultural Diplomacy and analyze strategies that can be applied and implemented in students professional careers

Key Benefits of the Program

  • The program addresses contemporary international issues, with classroom seminars supplemented by lectures and briefings at international and non-governmental organizations; educational events, conferences, tours, and meetings with foreign officials are further incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Participants will meet with leading experts working in international organizations, embassies, and academic institutions, and will engage with specialists in the areas of International Relations, Politics, Human Rights, Culture, Peace Building, Multilateral Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, Development, and Economics.
  • The program provides participants with practical experience for both academic and professional development. It allows students to create a solid professional network and form a concrete base for future academic and professional career choices. On a practical level, the program prepares students for engagement in the international arena, civil society, politics, governmental organizations and international economic organizations.
  • The international environment of the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies will furthermore offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with leading experts and academics at a wide variety of international organizations and research centers, which will greatly enhance and nicely supplement the overall education of each individual, all while enjoying a unique multicultural atmosphere.
  • The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is a world-leading institution in organizing international events dedicated to creating an opportunity for exploring, analyzing, and experiencing Cultural Diplomacy. As participants of the Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy, individuals will be able to take part in all of the ICD events and greatly benefit from this exclusive experience. To learn more about upcoming ICD Events, please click here.
  • Participants will obtain an expertise in Cultural Diplomacy, which is currently a rare, yet rapidly evolving and important field, within the public sector, private sector, and civil society.

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) has designed 6 Certificate Programs, which include the main fields of research and activity in cultural diplomacy.

The CCDS offers the following Certificate Programs:


Certificate Program in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy »
Berlin; July 28th - August 8th, 2014
Certificate Program in Global Governance & Cultural Diplomacy »
Berlin; July 28th - August 8th, 2014
Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy & Conflict Zone Mediation »
Berlin; July 28th - August 8th, 2014
Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy, Sustainable Development & the Global Markets »
Berlin; July 28th - August 8th, 2014
Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy by the Arts, Music and Cinema »
Berlin; March 3rd - 14th, 2014
Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy & the European-African Alliance »
Berlin; July 28th - August 8th, 2014

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