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The program consists of 180 ECTS Credits in total and has duration of six semesters. The program follows the conventional university structure of a three academic years’ program divided into six semesters. Students are offered elective courses to accompan
Nicosia, Cyprus
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Full Degree
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International Relations, International Relations

Program Overview

Program Description:
The PhD Program in International Relations and European Studies is a three-year program offered by the University of Nicosia in partnership with the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy. The Doctoral Program in International Relations (hereafter IR) aims at the creation and interpretation of knowledge which extends the forefront of the disciple of IR (in the wider reading of the discipline), through original research and critical thinking. Holders of a Ph.D. in IR will be able to conceptualize, design and implement projects for the generation of significant new knowledge and/or understanding in the field of International Relations. Furthermore, holders of a Ph.D. in IR will have the qualities needed for employment that requires the ability to make informed judgments on complex issues in specialist topics of IR, and innovation in tackling and solving conceptual and practical problems in world politics. The Doctoral Program in IR is designed in accord with the Framework for Qualifications for Higher Education Area (Barcelona Process) and the European Qualifications Framework (level 8 of EQF), as well as in accord with established standards and practices in European and American Universities that award the title of Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (hereafter a Ph.D. in IR). According to international standards and practices, on successful completion, doctorate students in International Relations, who study in Universities where the English language is the language of instruction, are awarded the title ‘Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations. The Doctoral Program in IR will socialize students into the world of academia and to guide them so that they will be well-acquainted with the criteria they are expected to meet for their academic work internationally. Those who complete the Program will be able to engage in academic research independently at the highest level. Ph.D. graduates will also be able to pursue analysis of issues of their expertise at important public and private institutions. The Program prepares and guides students to generate new knowledge of the highest academic caliber. Graduates may pursue careers as academics and scholars at colleges, universities, research centers and think-tanks and other important institutions in both the public and private sectors. The Program may also be very useful to those who aspire to pursue careers in other fields that require major knowledge of topics in international relations, such as government and international organizations. The PhD program guarantees to provide students with expertise in the field of cultural diplomacy, a new and attractive field of studies, which is currently offered as an academic field only through the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. This particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy and its historical and contemporary application in the public sector, private sector and civil society, provides students with expertise in three distinct academic fields, thus with an academic and practical advantage in the European and Global Arena. In addition to required coursework, the program includes educational & cultural events, conferences, professional trainings, tours, visits and meetings with foreign officials, which are further incorporated into the curriculum. Students will meet with leading experts working in international organizations, embassies, and academic institutions, and will engage with specialists in the areas of International Relations & Economics, Business, Communication, Politics, Human Rights, Culture, Peace Building, Multilateral Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, and Development.

The program consists of 180 ECTS Credits in total and has duration of six semesters. The program follows the conventional university structure of a three academic years’ program divided into six semesters. Students are offered elective courses to accompany mandatory courses, professional development experience and the final thesis. The first 2 semesters will take place in the Center of Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) in Berlin. The first semester will consist of three mandatory modules and two elective courses. The second semester will consist of the professional development program and 2 elective courses. In the second and third academic years students will continue with their Individual research under the supervision of their Doctoral Supervisor.

Setting Description:
Semester 1 (Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies; Berlin, Germany) Mandatory Courses for Semester One are: -The History and Evolution of the Field of Cultural Diplomacy -International Case Studies of Cultural Diplomacy -Future Trends in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy * Elective Courses for Semester One, (2 of which each student must undertake), include: -Nation Branding and Unilateral Cultural Diplomacy -Contemporary German Foreign Policy -International Organizations -European Politics *Elective Courses - The decision of the offered elective courses is made by the CCDS faculty, in accordance with the timing period of the Semester, logistical issues as well the planned activities of the ICD during the prospective period. Based on this decision, it is possible that only two courses will be offered in the given semester and students will need to take these courses. Semester 2 (Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies; Berlin, Germany) During the second semester, students
The tuition cost is 18,000 Euros for the full program (6,000 Euros/Academic Year). The fees cover only the tuition fees, and do not include housing or any other living costs and related expenses.