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Internships: One of the most interesting things that are offered of our program is the internships. Students can choose from a variety of options where they would like to carry out their internship. These internships are in very well-known companies
Quito, Ecuador
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Business, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:
ICHIVision is a program where students from 18-25 year old can Inquire about cultures that are not their own, Create new relationships and different persepectives, Humanize and give back to society, and Inspire to become and gain a broader mentality to bring back to their home country.

Who are we?
We want to contribute to personal and professional growth by providing internships, social work, Spanish lesson and by traveling in Ecuador. Students gain skills and attributes that give them vision and international mindedness to make a difference. Our vision is to establish itself as one of the most important companies at a national and international level related to internships, overall service and safety. We aspire to become the first choice for international students who want to learn about our country and to encourage students gain Vision through experiences and people they meet during their time in our program; to give individuals the act or power of imagination and perception and make an impact on the world.

Internships: One of the most interesting things that are offered of our program is the internships. Students can choose from a variety of options where they would like to carry out their internship. These internships are in very well-known companies of the country. Another cornerstone of our program is to help our students not only in their social and personal development but also their professional development since it is an important aspect in life. Once the student is registered in the program, we will take care of his or her needs by looking for an internship that suits theirarea of interest. In order to do this, it is important that the registration process is done in advance so we can offer a great variety of companies for the internship. This part of the program will be useful for the studentto have professional experience and in preparation for future endeavors.

Social Work: We are a socially responsible company and humanitarian assistance is another foundation. Through this program, we want to offer students the possibility of participating in different community projects. We have different community projects to offer and the student will have the chance to choose one that suits his or her personality, studies or interests. We work with children, the elderly, disabled, and people with economic problems.

Spanish Classes: Another attraction for visiting Ecuador is to learn a new language.We have many qualified teachers that will be willing to help you meet certain goals that will be set before entering the program.Moreover, we offer many options and methods so the student can organize his or her personal schedule in the most appropriate way. The students will be in group classes and the hours are flexible.Without a doubt, such classes will include grammar, expressions, and structures, listening and speaking. The best way to learn a language is to speak every day and to apply it to daily activities. What better way to learn than to live in a Spanish speaking country?

Teaching: Recently, the demand for teachers in the United States and Canada has been extremely low and more students are looking for experience in South America, where the need for English Language educators is high. A part of our program is for students to gain experience not only within the classroom, but teaching English Language learners which nowadays is an important skill to have. Students will be teaching English Language learners from age 12-19 and will learn how to plan, integratecurriculum, and use inquiry as a teaching method. Teachers will be given professional development by an experienced, educated,certified mentor in teaching ELLs, curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Trips: Every weekend there will be guided trips. These trips will be throughout some regions of Ecuador including the Highlands, Coast, and with the option of going to the Galapagos Islands at the end of the program. In the highlands, the students will be able to travel to different places that are close to the capital. Among these trips are Mindo, Baños, and different volcanoes such as Cotopaxi, and Quilotoa. Among one of the trips, there is one to the Coast. The students will travel to Montañita, one of the most famous beaches in Ecuador and South America. One of the most outstanding attractions in Ecuador is our valued Galápagos Islands. These islands were declared a World Heritage site; therefore, we require respect and care of visitors. There are many unique animals in this region. There are many 5 to 8 day cruise options, hotel included, for more information please contact us.

Other activities: Finally, the students’ agenda will be busy but we will cover up the time with the incorporation of salsa dancing, cooking, crafts, and sports. This is optional for the student.

  • Dates: Friday, June 6 – Friday, August 1, 2014.
  • All you need is a valid passport. Make sure it will not expire within the next six months. You do not need a Visa because you will only be here for two months.
  • You will be staying with a group of fellow students in the program at a facility that contains all the necessities (single bed, a full kitchen, Wi-Fi Internet, and hot water).
  • You would intern, volunteer, or teach half of the day and have Spanish classes the other half.
  • You can choose to teach, volunteer, or intern for the full two months or alternate between volunteering and interning.
  • From Friday to Sunday, you have weekend trips scheduled (Banos, Quilotoa, Mindo, MitaddelMundo, Papallacta/Otavalo, Montanita, Cotopaxi).
  • Internships are offered in the fields of health, architecture, business, law, telecommunications, media, music, athletics, and tourism among others.
  • Volunteer/Social Work is for students that want to contribute to the community by going to foundations, orphanages, or homes for the elderly.
  • If you are interested in teaching English to English Language Learners (ELLs) you will plan, integrate curriculum, and use inquiry as a teaching method (International Baccalaureate).
  • Spanish Classes are given from Monday to Thursday and for two-three hours a day.
  • Cooking classes and salsa lessons are also offered during the week.
  • There is the option of going to the Galapagos at the end of the program before they return to the United States.
Setting Description:
The accommodations in Ecuador are highly influenced by the diverse landscapes they encounter during their stay. Throughout the program they will stay in Quito for the majority of the time – the nation’s capital. They will also be staying for a weekend in Baños – a quaint village surrounded by waterfalls, Mindo– the cloud forest, and Montañita– a beach city. Each location was chosen for its distinctive cultural characteristics, safety, activities and beauty. In Quito, each student will be staying in a home which has a full kitchen and social areas. The home has internet and laundry services. Each bedroom has two single beds, large closets for storage, and a private bathroom. In Mindo, they will stay in a quint hacienda with cute rooms. Each bungalow can sleep two or three people and has a private porch and hammock. Baños is a small town surrounded by waterfalls and natural hot springs. While there, they will be staying in a beautiful lodge situated at the base of a mountain. The lod
2014 Fee is:
For 1 student: 5745
For 3 students: 5362 each
For 5 students: 5000 each
For 10 students: 4800 each

What’s Included?
Pre-departure Services: Pre-departure orientation, personal assistance as needed and parental communication.
Services Abroad: Housing, all internships and volunteering activities, cultural tours, all program related excursions and trips, ICHIVision Certificate, medical insurance, welcome package, transfers to/from airport abroad and em