Program Details

Located in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ICEP TEFL Training offers 4 week TEFL Courses with Lifelong Guaranteed Job Placement Worldwide
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Program Type:
Teach Abroad
Degree Level:
1-3 months
Teach Abroad:
Certification, Placement
Placement Audience:
6-12 years old, 12-15 years old, 15-18 years old

Program Overview

Program Description:
140 hour 4 week course is divided into: • 120 Hours of Classroom Training Sessions • 10 Hours Observed English as a Foreign Language Teaching • 5 Hours of Content Language Teaching • 5 Hours of Teaching Observation

Located in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ICEP TEFL Training offers 4 week TEFL Courses with Lifelong Guaranteed Job Placement Worldwide

- Internationally Accredited Certification: The ICEP TEFL Training Certificate is recognized by employers at an international level. - All Course Materials: Books, teaching resources, WIFI Internet connection, lesson planning material, and stationary supplies you might need during the course. - Guaranteed Job Placement Service: Along with all the features this includes. - Housing Arrangements Assistance: We make all the corresponding arrangements for your housing. The cost of housing is paid directly to the provider and is only $99.00 USD per week. Housing is optional, you are welcome to make your own housing arrangements if you prefer. You can view our housing options HERE - FREE Excursion: Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Tour, Surfing in Sayulita, and Swimming in San Pancho. You can view more details on the excursions HERE -Visa Assistance and Orientation: We know the visa requirements for travel and teaching worldwide front and back. Our job placement experts will guide you every step of the way.
Setting Description:
The weather here in Puerto Vallarta has been simply amazing! Days are sunny, warm, with a clear blue skies and that awesome fresh ocean breeze coming in day and night. These are some of the reasons why Puerto Vallarta is referred to as the Pearl of the Mexican Pacific. The city of Puerto Vallarta has a population just over 120,000 and is one of the top travel destinations worldwide. This makes Puerto Vallarta the perfect place for you to begin your TEFL adventure because you get the best of two worlds. On one hand you have the massive demand from the local Mexican population to learn English and on the other you have the excellent infrastructure of a world-class travel destination. The topography of Puerto Vallarta itself makes the city a gem for travel since you have lush green mountains surrounding all cardinal directions save for the west since it is in the west that the city meets the golden sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the Mexican Pacific Coastline. If that’s not enou
$1,500.00 USD Your tuition includes us: • Internationally Accredited Certification • All Course Materials • Guaranteed Paid Job Placement in Mexico and Worldwide (Unlimited) • Lifelong Career Guidance and Developmental Training • Online Teaching Portfolio • Worldwide Employer Network • Subscription to “ICEP TEFL Jobs Journal” • Housing Placement Assistance • Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Tour • Sunday Excursion to Surfing in Sayulita Beach • Sunday Excursion to Swimming in San Pancho Beach • Unl