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The JLPT Preparation Course is catered to students intending to take the N3 or N2 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The 4-week intensive language course takes places in the month preceding the test.
Sapporo, Japan
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Intensive Language
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1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months

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The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Preparation Course at Kyoto JaLS takes place in the weeks leading up to the winter JLPT here in Japan. Our school specializes in small, individualized classes of up to 8 students, which allows for an education experienced catered to your needs. This 4-week course is targeted specifically at those aiming to take the N3 or N2 JLPT, and it is focused primarily on kanji drilling, reading and listening comprehension, and JLPT-specific grammar.

The JLPT Course includes 15 hours of afternoon lessons every week, and our school's lounge and private study rooms allow for effective independent study in the mornings and after class time. Each day's lesson is based on the practice and preparation done beforehand, so this course is especially made for those who wish to put in effort and do well on the JLPT.

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Sapporo is one of the largest cities in Japan, but within a short drive or train ride you can find incredibly stunning places to enjoy breathtaking nature. The food in Hokkaido is great, the people are kind, and the combination of city and country life is beautiful. To help you enjoy all aspects of Sapporo, Hokkaido JaLS provide you with many after-school and weekend activities. Hokkaido JaLS has great access from both the Sapporo Station and Odori Station (five minutes on foot from both stations) and we are surrounded by many restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions.
6 weeks (90 hours of Japanese study, a minimum of 120 hours internship experience, minimum of 6 hours personal supervision and job training and 24 hour emergency support) 231,000 JPY 8 weeks (120 hours of Japanese study, 160 hours internship experience) 308,000 JPY 12 weeks (180 hours of Japanese study, 240 hours internship experience) 462,000 JPY

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