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This five-week program introduces participants to the on-site exploration of the interdisciplinary field of food systems and sustainability.
Rome, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Italy has long been seen as one of the cradles of Western culture. This takes on a new meaning and deeper significance when students have the option to experience, in consecutive programs over the same summer or in subsequent ones, Italian food systems and sustainability in contrast to those of Vietnam or Japan. This program assists students in understanding the role of food in human cultures as well as the range of choices and values implicit in the foods eaten in Italy and elsewhere.
Based in the heart of historic Rome — only minutes from the Vatican, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon — this five-week program introduces participants to the on-site exploration of the interdisciplinary field of food studies.  While staying in nearby apartments, students can take up to three academic courses taught by local professors and instructors.  Each course is complemented by regular excursions into Rome or other areas of Italy.  Students are encouraged to keep journals and to engage in ethnographic research projects. All courses are conducted in English.

Study abroad in Rome - Summer 201

DURATION: 5-WEEK Full Immersion Summer Program

WHEN: MAY 20 - JUNE 22, 2019


Courses offered:

  • Critical Studies on Food (3 credits)
  • Food Media, Communication and Trends (3 credits)
  • Food, Nutrition and Culture in Italy (3 credits)
  • Food Waste in Italy (3 credits)
  • Italian Language for Food and Business (Italian Lexicon for Food Studies) (3 credits)
  • Elementary Italian Language (3 credits)
  • Intensive Elementary Italian Language (6 credits, minimum of 8 participants)
Setting Description:
We develop study abroad programs, academic internships and research projects on Food Systems and Sustainability. GLi’s programs and courses focus promote critical thinking, trans-disciplinary and multicultural knowledge acquisition through field research that incorporates ethnographic analysis and interactions with communities and visits to territories that are vital for food production and food culture. Students emerge with skills and training that can be implemented in their future studies and careers (the future experts of food systems and sustainability). GLi has worked on abroad programs in collaboration with over 30 universities. Our programs include Spring, Fall and Summer programs as well as academic internships in Italy, and Summer programs in Japan and Vietnam. The participants of our programs include university as well as independent students, professionals, and scholars. Gustolab International Italy is the academic headquarters in Italy for the University of Illinois at Urb
If you have any questions or to request an application, please write to us.

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Merit-based, by application only