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Lisbon, Portugal; San Sebastian, Spain
Program Type:
Study Abroad
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Program Overview

Program Description:
This is a unique study abroad program designed for students seeking real adventure. You will not find another program where you will be able to get up in the morning, go surfing (or have a lesson), have a lecture/discussion on a topic related to sustainable tourism, get fully immersed in a local coastal culture during an afternoon activity, surf again, and then have a locally caught fresh feast before settling down by the campfire and getting some reading done. Our program combines participating as an adventure/ecotourist with university level instruction on sustainable tourism. Students will not only be surfing and/or learning to surf on the pacific coast in Panama, but they will also be meeting and interacting with community members to hear and experience first-hand the impacts of tourism development. Students will also be applying their studies, as they participate in helping our lodge owners to develop environmental best practices and an enduring community collaboration strategy.


Setting Description:
Unique opportunity to visit both San Sebastian, Spain and Peniche, Portugal. Students will explore these coastline communities with local residents and students.