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Make an impact on your educational community by earning an online education doctorate in organizational leadership at Grand Canyon University.
Phoenix, United States
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Full Degree
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Education Leadership & Administration, Education Leadership & Administration

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What Is an EdD In Organizational Leadership?
Make an impact on your educational community by earning an online education doctorate in organizational leadership at Grand Canyon University. Equip yourself with the skills needed to inspire, influence and lead your educational organization or community.
The EdD in Organizational Leadership program helps students to develop the skillset needed to work from both a business and education perspective to create an effective organization functional for both external and internal stakeholders. Courses evaluate specific methods of responding to external entities while maintaining an environment for internal members to succeed, excel and improve learning for their students.
Choosing to Specialize in a Quantitative EdD in Organizational Leadership
Quantitative doctoral degrees give learners the opportunity to design, collect and analyze their own original research in order to advance the knowledge in their field. GCU’s leadership doctorate involves candidates completing their own research and drawing impactful conclusions through statistical analysis of data. This differs from GCU’s qualitative EdD, which will draw themes from existing and original research.
What You’ll Learn
Learners in this program will employ quantitative methodology to design, collect and analyze information in a scholarly dissertation. The program is designed to provide support throughout the dissertation process, starting at the very beginning of the program. Courses incorporate consideration and preparation for the dissertation into every course in the degree program, allowing you to work on it steadily throughout the program.
The program aims to equip students with actionable skills in six primary domains of leadership, globalization and world view, culture scholarship and research, change and organizational development. Courses will give you the opportunity advance in your knowledge of leadership dynamics through in-depth research that will allow you to facilitate your abilities as a leader and evolve into a highly strategic professional. Through coursework and your own research, you will identify and analyze prevailing social, cultural and political conditions surrounding modern education in order to move your organization forward.
The EdD in Organizational Leadership program’s classes equip candidates with the skills to:
    Assess behavior and implement behavioral theory to manage employees
    Encourage creativity inside learning organizations
    Motivate innovative behavior to increase educational effectiveness
    Evaluate organizational structure and employ methods to modify these structures
    Apply research to explain events, dynamics and behaviors in an organization
By developing these skills, graduates will be able to formulate their own personal philosophy of leadership by examining the various ethical and moral frameworks concerning leadership. The program allows learners to examine leadership and organizational structure through different perspectives and theories in order to extract their own actionable methods of leadership and organization.

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Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (member of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools).

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