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Explore the intersection of science and spirituality as the foundation for personal and planetary transformation.
Bethany, United States
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Full Degree
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The Master of Arts in Conscious Evolution promotes a new understanding of the living universe, one with purpose and meaning. It provides the full scope of exploration in consciousness studies, from science to spirituality. The transdisciplinary curriculum includes quantum physics, complexity and chaos theories, AQAL integral theory, neuropsychology, holographic mind theory, the philosophy of consciousness, Akashic field theory, morphic resonance theory, transformative education, art and expression, transpersonal and depth psychology, postformal ego development theory, the paradigm of Nonduality and Oneness, and spiritual systems including shamanism, esotericism, and Eastern alchemy. The Conscious Evolution program takes a hard look at the problems besetting the world -- from climate change to unsustainable living to poverty -- and asks where a source for solutions can be found. Recalling Einstein’s dictum, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” a major focus of the Conscious Evolution program is the study and experience of the evolution of consciousness. The program studies the principles of evolution, in which it is noted that crisis invariably leads to a bifurcation point of breakdown or breakthrough, thus resulting in a higher evolutionary stage. Up until now, evolution has proceeded automatically based on the laws of nature. However, nature often ‘kicks it up a notch’ – from atoms to molecules, from molecules to instinctual life, and from instinctual life to conscious life. We now know that we know, and can co-create with nature to influence the evolution of consciousness and culture through inner development and outer action. Thus the next phase of evolution will occur consciously. The Conscious Evolution program explores a new story of the universe. It transcends the mechanistic paradigm of an “accidental universe” known as materialism and recognizes the need to create a new story of the living universe -- a universe that has meaning and purpose. Through conscious inner development and personal growth that leads to an evolution of consciousness, we can become co-creators with Universal Intelligence in shaping a new tomorrow. Part of the Conscious Evolution curriculum involves identifying one’s soul mission in this time of historic paradigmatic transition. Through the study of ecology, participants examine the methods that have propelled nature’s evolutionary journey, in which the universe continues to reveal greater complexity, freedom, and consciousness. To accomplish this, learners engage in the inner work of personal and group transformational practices, which fosters greater self awareness and contributes to the potential for an integral or unitive consciousness. Participants apply these insights in the construction of a new worldview through a Commencing Project of your choice. Through inner development and co-creative partnership with Universal Intelligence, a change agent (you!) finds his or her soul mission to create change. Using evolutionary tools, we seek the leverage point to create change in an organization, thus becoming part of the breakthrough rather than the breakdown. Classes meet four long weekends per year (Fri-Sun) plus one full week in each of two summers at The Institute's campus in Bethany, CT. In between on-site sessions, participants attend online teleclasses once per month. The degree is completed in 2 years.

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The Graduate Institute is fully licensed and accredited by the State of Connecticut Department of Higher Education, Board of Governors.
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Candidates must hold a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university.

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