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If you are a licensed Physical Therapist and have ever thought about earning your Doctor of Physical Therapy ... Now's the Time!
University Park, United States
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Full Degree
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Physical Therapy

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Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) programs are rapidly being phased out. Today the profession continues to move swiftly to a more advanced level of preparation for PTs: the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Earn your Doctorate degree while you continue to work If you’re a licensed Physical Therapist who entered the profession with a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) degree program will allow you to earn your DPT while you continue working in your field. You’ll enhance your knowledge and skills, broaden your clinical perspective, and regenerate your passion for your profession. Online courses. Flexible scheduling. Best of all, you’ll be setting your own pace, taking as many classes as your work schedule will allow. With the majority of the classes offered online, flexibility — and convenience —is the key. Why earn your Doctorate? The Transitional Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (t-DPT) is designed to prepare licensed Physical Therapists for an ever-changing clinical environment. The program creates a bridge between the content you learned at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level, and the latest, most current theory and practice being taught at the Doctorate level. You’ll be able to incorporate your new knowledge and Physical Therapy practices right into your own work setting, with your own patients. You’ll be staying on top of your field and keeping pace with your colleagues in the profession — and your patients will benefit from your advanced training.

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