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The graduate major in Communication and Training provides in-depth study leading to specialized knowledge and skills.
Park Forest, United States
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Full Degree
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Communications & Public Relations

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The graduate major in Communication and Training provides in-depth study leading to specialized knowledge and skills. Students have the opportunity to receive a broad theoretical framework in their field as well as the specific skills needed in the professional world. The major prepares students as working professionals through three sequences: Communication Studies Media Communication Human Performance and Training The major also prepares students for further graduate study in the communication and training fields. Beyond taking the common required courses, students adapt the major to their individual needs and backgrounds by pursuing one of the three sequences and choosing appropriate elective courses. Students plan their specific programs in consultation with their advisors. Graduates of the program are in career areas such as the following: Advertising Cable TV College Teaching Consulting Customer service Film-making Human resource development Instructional design and development Journalism Media management Media writing Public affairs Public relations TV Production/Direction Training The Communication Studies graduate sequence offers students the ability to understand themselves and the world they live in from the perspective of communication. We explore multiple aspects of human interaction in both private and public realms, assisting students to become effective citizens and leaders who exemplify ethical and professional communication practices. The graduate sequence in Media Communication facilitates advanced creative development and exposure to professional practices for students interested in the fields of television and cinema studies as well as multimedia writing, producing and directing. The Human Performance and Training (HPT) sequence develops practitioners’ skills in assessing employees’ performances, determining performance gaps, designing and delivering training and non-training interventions and evaluating results. We achieve these performance objectives by keeping up with corporate trends, such as delivering classes online using the latest technologies, in order to sustain the marketability of our graduate students. HPT graduates work in all types of organizations, focusing on performance technology.

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