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Develop the wisdom and skills to cultivate whole person well-being within a matrix of social and ecological health.
Plainfield, United States
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Full Degree
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Health Education & Communication

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Health Arts & Sciences Program is founded on the principle that community health, personal health and the health of the natural world are three dimensions of the same whole. Healing, germane to a whole person, is only possible within the context of establishing a healthy social and natural environment that includes one’s family, culture and the ecological region where you live--and beyond. Our vision and philosophy are based on three themes: Nature: Study of natural, ecological and biological health to recognize, understand and protect the synergistic relationship between human health and so-called natural systems, from the human body to the earth. Culture: Study of the broader socio-cultural dimension of health and healing, mindful of diverse values, biases, and practices that create healthier cultures and improve social health. Healing: Study of diverse healing philosophies, theories and practices, enabling an integration of multiple perspectives and approaches with respect for and an understanding of the complexities of practices that flow in and out of cultures in which they developed. Our Health Arts & Sciences Program invites deep thinking and action, joining an ethics of care with today’s ethics of justice. The former considers harmonious relations, context and human need, while the latter promotes laws, universal principles and impartiality for fair and equitable treatment. Together they promise a more integrated approach to thinking and engagement. Finally, and most important, in your exploration, we encourage you to think about healing and health education as something that happens in the context of community. We anticipate that part of your learning will be given back to the community, preferably through a socially engaged health education and/or outreach process. Through empowerment-based community health education, you give others greater knowledge, skill, and power to significantly improve personal, community and environmental well-being. The Health Arts and Sciences process supports learners to design their own study plans culminating in a final product and degree. Graduate degrees are usually 48 credit (four semesters) programs; some nurses may complete in three semesters. Learners join in a vibrant, eight-day residency at the beginning of each semester and work with faculty advisors to both design their study plans and then embark upon 15-week studies from home. Our graduates become: Wellness and community health education specialists Women's, men's and children's health educators Coaches, counselors, consultants and guides Expressive arts and movement facilitators Community educators and college faculty Eco-health educators Researchers and writers Activists and organizers Holistic practitioners Ecopsychologists Holistic Nurses

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