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Join our program and discover the rainforests of Costa Rica while assisting in the protection of the elusive and endangered jaguar. Our volunteers play a crucial role in the survival and data collection on these species. 

Louangphrabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic
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Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Rolling Starts
Work Types:
Education, Social Sciences

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This wildlife conservation program located along Central America's Caribbean coast is geared at protection endangerd jaguars. All participants can look forward to developing new skills and an in-depth understanding of the rainforest and its ecosystem. This unique tropical adventure will allow you to work within the Tortuguero National Park and search for signs of jaguars and their prey species by setting up remote cameras and surveying a 16-mile stretch of turtle nesting beach. All data goes towards the Costa Rican government and conservation organizations. You will walk away with a holistic understanding of the rainforest as volunteers also assit with research on turtles (seasonal) and aquatic birds. Volunteering with GVI not only allows you to participate and make a meaningful impact while assisting disadvantaged communities or endangered ecosystems, but it also offers fantastic opportunities to travel and explore the local area.  

Setting Description:
Discover the ancient country of Laos when you intern with GVI on critical community development projects. Laos is still one of the poorest countries in the world and is largely an agricultural country. You will live in the beautiful UNESCO Heritage listed city, Luang Prabang, where you will be immersed in the diverse culture of Laos while you make a real difference in the community!
1700 -2450 USD.

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Most people are eligible to join this internship, they just need to be able to speak English and be physically and mentally fit to join the program. A love for education and children is recommended.
Scholarships Description:
Only National Scholarship Programs. Scholarships offered to the native people of the country where the program takes place.

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